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          “How To Get Rid Of This?”

If you have been struggling to learn what is the best way to lose belly fat fast you will find this post is your answer.

This is because you will get guidance to the most healthy diet lifestyle on the planet that will greatly increase your health and longevity.

This will provide you with valuable information whether you are now starting the Best Ketogenic Diet For Beginners or otherwise.



You need to understand that in your ancestral history of hundreds of thousand years, the belly has been a key contributor and instrument for survival.

Just try to imagine the caveman’s life and eating routine on a day to day basis.

He did not go to the grocery store and stock up for a week at a time with food including high carb “delicious foods”.

His meals were dependent on the game he caught or did not catch.

Plus, he often experienced adverse weather conditions such as the ice Age.

These ancestors or Cavemen, as referred to herein, did not arise in the morning and proceed to have breakfast or even lunch.

They were happy to have just one meal a day if at all.

And, it is easy to understand that in adverse conditions they did not have anything to eat for even a day or days.

So this is where the belly comes in.

  • The belly was the Caveman’s Food Storage Bank.

This is where his body went for energy from fat when he was not able to get enough food to provide him the energy he needed to survive.

Without the survival fat from his belly, he would not have endured, and even with his belly, the cavemen were not fat because they relied on their belly as their food storage bank to make withdrawals when needed for survival.

By eating game comprised of fats and protein they were in ketosis.

Their DNA was designed to metabolize mostly fats! When insulin is present in your blood, the body cannot burn belly fat naturally for energy as this is blocked by the insulin hormone.

When you are on a non-ketogenic diet and cuts down on calories to lose weight you become hungry because insulin is still present.

You cannot burn your belly fat due to the presence of insulin, and almost all of the time unrelenting hunger eventually wins out over a calorie-restricted diet.

This is because insulin has prevented your body from accessing the fat from your stored belly fat bank.

Thus, making the dieter miserable and hungry.



   Ketosis Really Works For You

The beauty of the Ketogenic Diet is that only a small amount of Insulin, if any, is produced when in ketosis and it is short-lived in the body.

This is the way you can easily lose belly fat naturally.

Thus, as a result of a lack of insulin, hunger is eliminated because your body is tricked to feast on its fat store and you can burn belly fat fast.

The body is getting its energy from fat in the belly fat bank.

So, without any food, the body is happily eating its own fat and can lose belly fat fast. For each pound of fat consumed the body receives about 3,500 calories effortlessly. 

This has given support to Intermittent Fasting

This is how to continue burning belly fat naturally from dinner until after you wake up.

This no hunger effect has lead many who have embraced the Ketogenic Lifestyle to wake up in the morning and not be hungry as they lose belly fat naturally, and often not to be even hungry at noon and go to dinner before eating anything.

For more information on the Ketogenic Diet please visit The Ketogenic Diet For Health and Longevity.



The Ketogenic Diet runs on fat vs glucose.

  • If you are hungry, the body consumes belly fat when the body is short on energy.

This diet is the best way to lose belly fat fast since it keeps you in what is referred to as Ketosis.

The Ketogenic Diet derives almost all of its energy from fat since its ideal desired intake ratio of fat, protein, and carbohydrate in this diet is 80% fat, 15% protein and 5% carbohydrate.

When your consumption of food produces less energy than is needed, the body easily goes to its primary fat bank where it has stored energy as fat in the belly.



So, why are people with big bellies ever hungry? Why do people with big bellies on calorie-restricted diets fail?

Why is obesity such a big and growing problem today?

And, why are some people more susceptible to having large bellies?

The answer to these questions is the Insulin Factor referred to in medical circles as “Insulin Resistance”.

Insulin is a hormone that the body secretes to reduce glucose and drive it and fats into the bodies cells for energy. Insulin remains high in many people’s bodies longer than in others.

This accounts for so many people having problems losing weight and being obese. 

  • When insulin is present in one’s blood, the body cannot use belly fat for energy as this is blocked by the insulin hormone.

Furthermore, when you are on a non-ketogenic diet and cut down on calories to lose weight you become hungry because insulin is still present.

You cannot burn your belly fat due to the presence of insulin, and almost all of the time unrelenting hunger eventually wins out over a calorie-restricted diet.

This is because insulin has prevented your body from accessing the fat from your stored belly fat bank. Thus, making the dieter miserable and hungry.



Wikipedia defines Intermittent Fasting as an umbrella term for various eating diet plans that cycle between a period of fasting and non-fasting over a defined period.

  • Intermittent Fasting is referred to herein as going longer periods daily from dinner to the first meal of the day.

An intermittent fast from not eating after dinner at about 8 PM until 12 noon the next day produces an intermittent fast of 16 hours.

And, going to just one meal from dinner to dinner the next day at 6 PM extends your intermittent fast to 22 hours.

During the intermittent fast time, the body on ketosis is eating and producing all its required energy from its belly fat bank.

Thus, it is easy to see how Intermittent Fasting accelerates fat burning and helps you to lose belly fat even faster and you can easily burn belly fat naturally.

Plus, there is an additional financial advantage to intermittent fasting in that if you have just two meals a day this should save $300 per month, and if you hav just one meal a day, known as OMAD, this should save $600 per month in grocery bills.

  • Further for an accelerated belly fat burn, you should consider exercising during your Intermittent Fast.

For more information on Intermittent Fasting please visit the post What Is The Best Intermittent Fasting Plan With 17 Benefits?>



Many on the ketogenic lifestyle exercise heavily prior to the end of your intermittent fast.

However, exercise is not necessary while on the ketogenic diet to lose belly fat, but it is both productive and healthy.

The Aerobic Threshold is when you are having trouble carrying on a normal conversation.

For instance, a wrist pulse for 6 seconds of 13 would give you an anaerobic threshold of 130 beats/minute.

Once you have entered and is above your Aerobic Threshold, you are not running on oxygen alone.

Thus, this cannot be sustained for an indefinite period of time.

Scientifically, the aerobic threshold is the level of effort at which anaerobic (non oxygen) energy pathways start helping out with energy production


The Treadmill For Fast Fat Burning

Even walking for 30 minutes a day is very helpful and easy to accomplish without eating the first meal of the day as long as your belly is full of, and releasing, its high energy fat.

During your walk, you should try not to exceed one’s aerobic threshold.

You can calculate your pulse at this level by taking your wrist pulse for just 6 seconds and then multiplying it by 10.



The Elliptical Trainer provides low-impact, cardiovascular training from the comfort of home.

The Non-Impact Elliptical Trainer

Such is provided at a reasonable price point.

It is built to provide a smooth upper and lower body workout.

And they eliminate jarring impact on the knee joints.

They offer large anti-slip foot platforms for stability and allow for dynamically moving arms to engage your upper body.



The High Cardio Very Comfortable Recumbent

If you are looking for an easy way to shed unwanted pounds and increase cardiovascular endurance without sacrificing precious floor space the indoor recumbent bike is for you.

You will benefit from similar type exercise features that are typically offered by outdoor cycling.

However, you will have the convenience and safety of riding indoors.

You will be shaping, firming and toning your physique.

Plus you will be increasing your body’s cardiovascular endurance while burning calories and losing weight with the added comfort of the recumbent seating position.



Outdoor exercise as does indoor exercise greatly increases your bat burning consumption while you are practicing the Keto Diet.

Some of the primary types of outdoor exercise includes:




Note that there are several types of bicycles that you might want to consider for different exercise activities.

  These are as shown below but not limited to the following:

     a. Road Bicycles

     b. Mountain Bicycles

     c. Cruisers

    d. Hybrids

    e. EBikes (electric-assist)



Shoes are an important part of your exercise equipment depending upon the type of exercise you are considering.

Some of the shoe types that you should consider are:

  1. Walking Shoes

  2. Running Shoes

   3. Cycling Shoes



When you are exercising outdoors you should consider the following small convenient self-protection device.

A great self-protection device which includes protection from animals is the Sabre 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray.

The Law Enforcement SABER For Protection Assurance

This is the same defense spray used by law enforcement.

This small highly powerful product with a clip on adaptor provides dependable protection from both dogs and people., 

This protective spray is police strength, very compact and is good for 35 shots, and as they say “it is better to be safe than sorry”.



Often depending upon the intensity of your exercise you might want an extra energy boost that will not take you out of the fat-burning state of Ketosis.

The two excellent option are as follows:

1. MCT Oil

MCT Oil is a medium-chain fatty acid.

Because of its reduced size over larger fats and the fats from which it is produced it goes directly to your liver to immediately be converted to Ketones.

  • Thus, ingesting MCT Oil provides a quick increase in your Ketones.

Many find this preferable to taking Exogenous Ketones on a normal routine with or without moderate exercise because of its ease of use and lower cost.

A dose of MCT Oil costs only $0.50 per day ($15 per month) versus $3.00 per day ($90 per month) for Exogenous Ketones.

Further, consumption of MCT and Exogenous Ketones are not exclusive.


Exogenous Ketones are used and consumed for a number of reasons.

When you are demanding more energy from your body, your body has two choices.

It can satisfy your demand by running on either glucose or ketones.

When your demand for energy is high you will need to provide the extra glucose or ketones from an outside (Exogenous) source.

Many athletes thus use supplements loaded with glucose.

However, if you are living the ketogenic lifestyle you will not want to go out of ketosis to satisfy your extra energy demand.

  • This being the case, you will smartly choose to stay in Ketosis and supplement with Exogenous Ketones to provide the energy surge you need.

Further, you should note that ketones have been shown to provide a better and more lasting energy boost than glucose.

One of the highest energy demand sports is professional cycling and many of the present cyclists today are running on Ketones vs Glucose.

They are in ketosis and they are now supplementing with Duck Fat.

Furthermore, as you reach your goal of burning your belly fat, your storage bank of fat to be metabolized into ketones will approach being empty.

So when you feel the need for an extra energy boost Exogenous Ketones stand at the ready.



When you make a decision to get control of your Keto Diet and to prevent Testosterone loss caused by the Metabolic Syndrome by going to the Ketogenic Lifestyle, then you need to have good monitoring of your condition.

If you do not have good monitoring then you are just ” flying in the blind”.

There are two ways for you to monitor your state of ketosis, one of which can be used temporarily and one that can be used permanently.

Note: Keto breath testing is reported to be unreliable.

These two monitoring methods  you should consider are:


Ketone Urine Test Strips

Ketone Urine Strips

Initially, you might want to ADD TO CART the cost-effective Smackfat Ketone Strips for monitoring and tracking progress on a day to day basis, which by clicking on will take you to view and/or buy for a very low price for 100 strips.

These Ketone strips measure by urine and will give Ketone test strip results.

Moreover, these Smackfat Ketone Strips are inexpensive and by far the least expensive initial test method.

Note, however, as you continue with the Ketogenic Lifestyle your urine chemistry will begin to change such that Ketone Strip testing of your urine will become unreliable.

So why waste money on something that will become non-reliable if you can get permanent lifetime monitoring as shown following?

Further, these strips do not monitor your important glucose values as the below does.



If you are serious about increasing your Testosterone with the Keto Diet, then you should consider getting a lifetime monitor.

If yes, you want the KETO-MOJO for the most accurate and most reliable permanent Gold Standard testing device for monitoring my Ketones and Glucose, then you should grab this for your Ketogenic Diet monitoring,  which is the amazing KETO-MOJO Blood Ketone and Glucose Testing Meter Kit while still ON SALE.

The Keto-Mojo is without a doubt the leading lifetime Keto monitor,

The Complete KETO-MOJO Monitor Testing Package

The Amazing Lifetime KETO-MOJO Tester

This advanced device produces the most accurate and only long term/lifetime long way known to test for ketone and also glucose levels.

Further, it comes with a NO-RISK Full Lifetime Guarantee.

This monitor exceeds strict FDA and International standards ensuring you get the best Ketone and Blood Glucose measurement results possible.

KETO-MOJO comes with:

  • 1 Keto-Mojo Testing Meter,
  • 1 Lancing Device,
  • 10 Lancets,
  • 10 Blood Ketone,
  • 10 Blood Glucose Testing Strips,
  • 1 Carrying Case,
  • 2 AAA Batteries,
  • 3 Manuals.

A great YouTube Watch is: Thomas DeLauer, “What Is The Best Ketone Test Range For Fat Loss” using his amazing lifetime Keto-Mojo Monitor?

Furthermore, Keto-Mojo also offers a large number of very instructional videos.



Thus, by allowing you to lose belly fat fast and many other reasons, The Ketogenic Lifestyle should be your lifestyle of choice as it is recognized to result in very healthy longevity.

The Harmful Standard “Western Diet”

When it was basically still the diet around 1900 in the US, cancer and heart disease were quite rare.

Now fast forward to present when they are both epidemic.

Also, for reasons supplied elsewhere, cancer cannot survive in ketosis.

Plus, for every pound of belly fat lost the body loses 1 mile of blood vessels, thus greatly reducing cardiovascular and heart strain.

  • The Ketogenic Diet is a must for you if you want to burn belly fat fast without experiencing hunger.

And, you should measure you belly fat as it reduces with a cloth tape measure and not a scale. Scale fluctuations can be discouraging.

Note that this article is about how to burn belly fat and not all the many additional health benefits associated with losing belly fat. And, it is not about all the delicious foods that fit easily into the ketogenic diet.

These are subjects for another article.

But, as you can see by following the Ketogenic diet and turning it into their lifestyle, one’s body will effortlessly progress to a very healthy state with an empty belly fat bank.

Thus, hunger and excess belly fat will not exist as ketosis wins out over belly fat and hunger, as you are effortlessly able to burn belly fat fast.



With the information provided herein regarding what is the best way to lose belly fat fast you now have a good understanding of belly fat storage and how to use your belly bank for energy.

Without having the hormone Insulin blocking access to your belly bank you can now use it as an energy source



This is not Medical Advice. Nothing herein this article should be considered or used as any personal medical advice, and you should always consult with your personal Doctor before making any changes in your diet, routine or following any information given, suggested or provided herein. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Nothing herein is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. No statements herein are approved by the FDA.



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