What Is Exogenous Ketones And Its 17 Benefits For Maintaining Your Youth And Vigor



Exogenous Ketones To Increase Your Energy And Performance

If you have been struggling to increase your energy, health, and performance while on your Keto Diet, this post can solve your problem because it answers what is Exogenous Ketones as well as its 17 benefits for increasing your youth and vigor.

Thus, you will quickly see the outstanding benefits of Exogenous Ketones will provide you.



Per Wikipedia: “Exogenous Ketones is a class of ketone bodies that are ingested using nutritional supplements.

This class of Ketone bodies refers to the three water-soluble Ketones which are

  • Acetoacetate
  • β-hydroxybutyrate [βHB], and 
  • Acetone).”

The word “exogenous” refers to “outside the body.”

Beta-hydroxybutyrate (or BHB) is the most abundant type of ketone that you produce, helping to provide the bulk of energy when your diets are nearly devoid of all carbohydrates. While there are three types of ketone bodies, the ketone found in exogenous ketone supplements is usually only or mostly beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB)

Exogenous ketones are a ketone supplement that comes from outside the body. 

Exogenous ketones mimic the effects of ketones that are naturally produced by your body under certain circumstances.

Your liver naturally produces  Endogenous (meaning within) Ketones while in the metabolic state of Ketosis, while Exogenous (meaning outside) ketones are those provided from supplements.



Hugh Jackman On Keto

At the top of the list is your diet which brings us to discuss the Ketogenic Diet also better referred to here, as the Ketogenic Lifestyle…as you should consider adopting it for life or you will revert to a Yo-Yo syndrome.

  • For many hundreds of thousands of years our Cavemen and Cavewomen ancestors, whose DNA we inherited, hunted and lived on prey consisting of saturated fat and protein.

It is important to note that our Homo Sapien Ancestors, who existed as hunters for 200,000 years BC, did not even begin cultivating crops until about 11,000 BC.

This time of 11,000 BC was shortly after the Ice Age, which started about 2.6 Million years ago, ended in about 11,700 BC.

Thus, by 11,700 BC, our DNA was completely established well before the start of any crop cultivation.

These Cavemen and Cavewomen were very strong, lean and fast so as to catch their prey.

Just try to picture a fat/obese Caveman on the hunt with a spear trying to catch an antelope or deer.

Additionally, these Cavemen were only usually fortunate to catch just enough food for one meal a day which meant they fasted intermittently for about 20 hours a day…later referred to herein as “Intermittent Fasting”.

These Cavemen and Cavewomen did not get up in the morning and have Breakfast of Champions with sugar and milk and Pop-Tarts.



The Ketogenic Diet Runs By Burning Your Fat Reserves

By practicing the Ketogenic Diet, you go into what is referred to as the State of Ketosis.

Ketosis is defined as a metabolic state in which most of the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood, in contrast to a state of glycolysis in which blood glucose provides energy.

Generally, ketosis occurs when the body is metabolizing fat at a high rate and, converting fatty acids into ketones, where you are burning ketones for fuel rather than glucose.

  • If it were not for the fact that diseases such as obesity, heart problems, artery disease, diabetes, and cancer, to mention just a few, were not on the increase now, then there would be no reason to consider the Ketogenic Diet/Lifestyle.

The Ketogenic Diet is merely reverting to our ancestors’ diet of good healthy fats and protein while greatly reducing refined sugars and other carbohydrates!

The desired targeted ideal Ketogenic percentage for fats, protein, and carbohydrates is 80% fats, 15% protein and 5% good carbohydrates.

It is especially important to note that too much protein causes an unwanted insulin/glucose response.

So you should not have more than about 6 ounces of meat per meal while on the Ketogenic diet.

For more detailed information on the Ketogenic Diet itself, please refer to the key Best Keto Recipes, Foods And Supplements For Beginner



Ketones are produced by the consumption of your bodily fats.

These Ketones provide you with an alternate fuel source to that of carbohydrates.

Beta-hydroxybutyrate (or BHB) is the most abundant type of ketone that you produce.

  • BHB supplies the preponderance of energy that your body runs on when it does not have carbohydrates.

BHB is usually the only type of ketone body found in Exogenous Ketone supplements.

   Ketones are made by you when:

   1. You are following the Ketogenic Diet which is

  • 80%.Good Fats
  • 25% Protein
  • 5% Carbohydrates

   2. You are practicing Intermittent Fasting

   3. You are greatly increasing your caloric intake or starving

   4. You are practicing high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIT) that approaches or last more than 60 minutes.



Exogenous Ketone is used and consumed for a number of reasons.

When you are demanding more energy from your body, your body has two choices.

It can satisfy your demand by running on either glucose or ketones.

  • When your demand for energy is high you will need to provide the extra glucose or ketones from an outside (Exogenous) source.

Many athletes thus use supplements loaded with glucose.

However, if you are living the ketogenic lifestyle you will not want to go out of ketosis to satisfy your extra energy demand.

  • This being the case you will smartly choose to stay in Ketosis and supplement with Exogenous Ketones to provide the energy surge you need.

Further, you should note that ketones have been shown to provide a better and more lasting energy boost than glucose.

One of the highest energy demand sports is professional cycling and many of the present cyclists today are running on Ketones vs Glucose.

They are in ketosis and they are now supplementing with Duck Fat.

Furthermore, as you reach your goal of burning your belly fat, your storage bank of fat to be metabolized into ketones will approach being empty.

So when you feel the need for an extra energy boost Exogenous Ketones stand at the ready.

  • Further, to the important question of “Will Exogenous Ketones stop a fast?”, you need to know that the answer is “No”.

With Exogenous Ketones, you are merely supplying your body with more ketones just like it is already running on during your fast.



Exogenous Ketones For Your Optimum Performance, Endurance, Brain, And Health

Exogenous Ketones offers the reserve energy your body needs to perform at optimum.

The 17 benefits that are offered by Exogenous Ketones for you are:

  1. Providing an extra energy boost as performance fuel when needed or anticipated

  2. Increasing your exercise performance

  3. Providing enhanced exercise recovery

  4. Preventing Metabolic Syndrome

  5. Preventing and even mitigating the Keto-Flu

  6. Helps maintain optimum blood pressure

  7. Provides great blood sugar spike control

  8. Increasing your longevity and anti-aging

  9. Putting you into a state of Ketosis more quickly

  10. Supporting weight loss and belly fat burning

  11. Aiding in preventing diabetes and insulin resistance

  12. Helping prevent and even fight cancer

  13. Suppressing your appetite and hunger feeling

  14. Providing anxiety reduction

  15. Providing brain protection

  16. Improving brain cognitive health, function and power

  17. Providing intraday energy and mental pickups from low spots during the day



When searching for the best source of Exogenous Ketones for your body it is important to select the best product on the market.

The recently released and now the best product for you is unquestionably the Best Choice Product  Keto Chocolate Exogenous Ketones.

   About This Amazing Product:

  • Essential Keto Supplement: Traditional meal plans that focus on carbohydrates can leave you feeling empty and constantly hungry, but the ketogenic diet relies on your body’s stored fat for a long period of time, leaving you feeling more stable and energetic. Millions of keto-lovers, follow this lifestyle today because they say it helps them focus while offering mental clarity and an energy boost throughout the day.
  • Healthier Mind & Body: These Exogenous Ketones can help you reach ketosis. The formula of beta-hydroxybutyrates (BHB) with MTC Oil was created specifically for anyone currently on a ketogenic diet, and for those who may be struggling to get back into ketosis. Using Essential Supplements’ Ketones can improve your mental performance, boost your energy levels, and improve your endurance by raising your blood ketone levels. Prolonged ketosis has also been proven to support healthy weight loss.
  • Pure Nutrition: The Keto BHB chocolate powder includes all-natural ingredients, which helps it dissolve effortlessly into any cold or hot drink, including water, almond milk, coffee, tea, and milkshakes. It offers you a great tasting supplement at an affordable price.
  • Try it & Fall in Love: Essential Supplements Ketones is completely without gluten or dairy and was third party tested. It does not add binders, fillers or gums to this exogenous ketone powder. Check its label, and you’ll find nothing but pure, natural and effective ingredients designed to elevate your ketogenic state.



The Amazing KETO CHOCOLATE For 17 Great Benefits

Even More About The KETO CHOCOLATE BHB Powder:

Created with pure beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) and MTC Oil, with no fillers or additives, this supplement makes it much easier to reach, and maintain, a state of ketosis, at an affordable price.

Sustaining a strict ketogenic diet isn’t always easy, especially if you’re trying to reach ketosis while diligently counting calories, which is why using a high-quality nutritional powder is the best way to reach your health and fitness goals.

  • It guarantees a great product, for half the price of competitors per serving.

This is because it’s important for everyone to have access to a nutritional exogenous ketone that’s delicious at an affordable price.


How do you use it? The powder can be mixed warm or cold with water, almond or coconut milk, coffee, tea, shakes or any other low-or-no carb drink. A blender isn’t required, but you can be used to create a smoother texture.

When should you use it? You can use the Keto BHB powder anytime throughout the day to boost your ketone levels. It can also be used in the morning to heighten your energy, and immediately raise ketone levels, or use it before a workout to help increase your overall performance and stamina.

This product may be taken with or without food. With the help of Essential Supplements Exogenous Ketones powder, you can reach a state of ketosis any time, anywhere.



   The Exogenous KETO MAX Advanced Pill Option:

The KETO MAX Advanced Formula

However, many prefer the convenience, purity (no Stevia), and ease of taking Exogenous Ketones in pill form.

If this is your choice you will find that the Keto Max provides an excellent choice and price per serving.




Your Lifetime Keto-Mojo Monitor Package

The KETO-MOJO Monitor is without a doubt the best home testing device on the market.

It is an excellent device that gives a fast and accurate reading to you regarding your blood levels of both Ketone and Glucose

Yes, I want to get the Keto-Mojo for home monitoring of my blood!, then you should GRAB and ADD TO CART the KETO-MOJO Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System Strips and Reader.

These amazing Keto-Mojo test strips give very fast and accurate readings for both your Ketone and Glucose levels.

  • This Special kit includes the Keto-Mojo Ketone and Glucose Meter, 10 ketone and 10 glucose strips, and an accessory bag with a lancet device and 10 lancets.

Complete Keto-Mojo information including related Video regarding their amazing test strips and monitor can be reviewed at the KETO-MOJO site.

      – By using the Ketone Strips, the Keto-Mojo monitor displays your Blood Ketone level.

You are considered to be burning fat and in Ketosis with a reading of 0.5 to 5.0.

      – By Using the Glucose Strips, the Keto-Mojo monitor quickly displays the three key blood level parameters of:

  • Glucose…..optimum for fasting should be in 90 range. A fasting blood sugar level less than 100 mg/dL (5.6 mmol/L) is normal. A fasting blood sugar level from 100 to 125 mg/dL (5.6 to 6.9 mmol/L) is considered prediabetes. Blood Glucose is commonly considered too high if it is higher than 130 mg/dl before a meal or higher than 180 mg/dl two hours after the first bite of a meal.
  • Hematocrit* optimum should be between approximately 45% to 52% for men and 37% to 48% for women, and
  • Hemoglobin* The normal range for hemoglobin is: For men, 13.5 to 17.5 grams per deciliter. For women, 12.0 to 15.5 grams per deciliter.

The Keto-Mojo product is FDA Approved for its outstanding accuracy for both Ketone Levels and Glucose Levels, but not for its Hematocrit and Hemoglobin accuracy.

*It should not be used or relied on for diagnosis and/or treatment due to its Hematocrit or Hemoglobin readings.

Also, it comes with a full NO-RISK Lifetime Guarantee.

Further, you can watch the following quick and simple YouTubedemonstration: Testing Demonstration with your Keto-Mojo Meter.



If you have been struggling to increase your energy and performance while enjoying The Ketogenic Diet for Health And Longevity, you can now solve your problem by leaning what is Exogenous Ketones and its benefits for increasing your youth and vigor.

The addition of Exogenous Ketones will definitely increase your health, energy, and performance with its 17 benefits.






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