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Anyone searching to improve your health and longevity as well as being focused on losing belly fat can solve their problem by exercising daily by using the best at home Elliptical machine because such daily exercise will answer what you are looking to achieve whether you are enjoying The Ketogenic Diet For Health And Longevity or otherwise.

Daily exercising outdoors for many is a problem due to either weather, their location and/or work schedule which makes outdoor exercise on a daily basis impossible.



Exercise is defined as any movement that makes your muscles work and requires the body to burn calories, and a keto exercise plan for indoors exercise is very important.

  • Being active has been shown to have many health benefits, both physically and mentally.

It is quite healthy for any diet, whether it is  The Ketogenic Diet For Beginners or otherwise.

Many think it may even help you live longer.

The types of exercise you can participate in are many.

However, Elliptical Machines hold a high place for both their cardiovascular aerobic and anaerobic conditioning while at the same time providing a low impact exercise.


  • The amazing health benefits of exercise are quite well known.

  Some of the amazing benefits of exercise are: 

An Amazing Exercise Benefit For You

-Helps you control weight because along with diet, exercise plays an important role in controlling your weight and preventing obesity
-Reduces your risk of heart diseases
-Exercise strengthens your heart and improves circulation. The increased blood flow raises the oxygen levels in the body This helps lower the risk of heart disease and in lowering blood pressure
-Helps the body manage blood sugar and insulin levels. It lowers blood sugar and risk for diabetes
-Improves mental health and mood since it increases blood flow to the brain and the feel well hormones
-Strengthens bones and muscles
-Reduces the risk of some cancers, including colon, breast, uterine and lung cancer
-Reduces the risk of falls, especially in the elderly
-Improves sexual health. It may lower the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men.
-Increases chances of living longer. Studies show that physical activity can reduce your risk of dying early from the leading causes of death, like heart disease and some cancers
-It can help your brain’s health and memory
-It can help with relaxation and sleep quality
-It can help you quit smoking
-Exercise may make it easier to quit smoking by reducing your cravings and withdrawal symptoms


  • By adding merely 30 minutes of Cardio Exercise 5 days a week, you can positively affect your entire body for a lifetime!

This Keto-Longevity Blog will focus specifically on the area of Cardio Exercise since this is not only paramount for Cardiovascular health, and overall health but also as a means of losing belly fat and it is a key Keto Exercise Plan.

Cardio Exercise is the best exercise for the Keto Diet.

Cardio can affect the body in very healthy ways for your Health and Longevity.

It has beneficial effects on major systems and organs throughout your entire body.



There are basically two main types of Cardiovascular Exercise

  Cardiovascular Exercise is divided into:

    – AEROBIC Exercise, which is an exercise which speeds up your heart rate and breathing.

It relies on oxygen for energy.

    – ANAEROBIC Exercise, is an exercise which is achieved by increasing the intensity of Aerobic exercise past your anaerobic threshold.

It is the exercise level where your body’s demand for oxygen exceeds the oxygen level available.

It relies on energy sources that are stored in the muscles and, unlike aerobic exercise, is not dependent on oxygen from breathing.

Per Wikipedia, the Anaerobic Threshold (AT) is the exertion level between aerobic and anaerobic training and lactic acid is formed.

The AT is the point during exercise when your body must switch from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism.

Your Anaerobic Threshold is calculated at your maximum heart/pulse rate per minute which is 220, minus your age, times 85%

Thus, (220-Age)*85%=Theoretical Anaerobic Threshold which is the theoretical formula above which you enter Anaerobic Exercise.

To take your pulse, you can take a quick pulse for 6 seconds and then multiply it by 10.

Further, note that High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an extreme type of Anaerobic exercise as discussed below and should be respected.



For a long period of time, it was accepted that low-intensity Cardio was the exercise of choice for burning fat.

  • According to studies, this HIIT method burned calories primarily from fat.

However, this has recently been disproved, and a new and exciting way to perform Cardio has arisen for burning off that stubborn belly fat.

This new outstanding Cardio Exercise is referred to as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

HIIT is when you transition from an Aerobic Exercise state to a very high maximum Anaerobic Intensity state for short periods of time.

You can burn more fat on short interval HIIT than you can exercising for a longer period doing an Aerobic Exercise.

Although this seems too good to be true that you can exercise for much shorter periods, and lose more weight than exercising for longer periods as a lower intensity, it is true.

Further, the effects of HIIT will continue through the day such that you are continuing to burn calories.

Before beginning HIIT, you should warm up for five minutes,

Then proceed to exercise at 50% max for 30 seconds,

Then continue at 100% maximum effort for another 30 seconds,

Then return to your warmup state for 2 minutes, and

Then repeat the HIIT five to 10 times before a final five minute cool down.

This HIIT routine can be applied to any type of Cardio Exercise.

However, note that good sense should be applied before attempting to do any HIIT.

HIIT is only for the healthy and you need to consult with your doctor/cardiologist first before beginning a HIIT exercise.



Initially, when doing a Cardio exercise it draws upon you glycogen stores, rather than fat, to fuel your body during exercise.

Glycogen is stored energy.

As soon as you have depleted your stored glycogen, your body next begins to turning fat into glycogen to be used for your energy requirements.

Those on the Keto diet will do very well burning their fat since they are not handicapped by having the hormone Insulin in their body, and further, their body is trained to burn fat for energy.

Those taking glucose supplements will have an Insulin Response that prevents their body from burning the more powerful and longer lasting fat for energy as explained in detail in “The Ketogenic Diet For Health and Longevity”.



The indoor Elliptical Machine is for many the exercise product option of choice due to the fact that for some reason such outdoor exercise is not an option and you are looking for a low impact exercise machine.

   A home Elliptical Machine offers large advantages over other exercise options which are:

  • -Being easy to access as you do not have to go to an expensive gym to exercise,

-Not being weather or time-dependent as it can be used at any time of day and regardless of the weather conditions,

-It is extremely comfortable.

-It provides the same exercise quality as outdoor walking and/or running.

  • It is very joint friendly as it provides a low impact form of exercise for you.



When choosing an Elliptical Machine, there are important features that you should consider.

  The Basic Features for a good home Elliptical Machine are:

  • A large enough area for running and walking to fit your stride.
  • A great display which displays your speed, time, etc.
  • Has a speed range to accommodate your desired exercise level.
  • Does not take up much space.
  • Instantaneous pulse readings.
  • Provides a good price to value



If you have little time to go to the gym, or if prevented from running due to bad weather, a home use Elliptical Machine is an excellent choice for you.

  • With a great home Elliptical Machine, your home becomes an ideal gym for you to stay in shape.
    The Outstanding Elliptical Of Choice

There is one Elliptical Machine that stands above the rest and is the product of choice.

The Elliptical Machine that you should seriously consider is the Aceshin Elliptical Machine Trainer.

The Aceshin Elliptical Machine Trainer combines the quality, value and performance you desire.

Specifically designed for the home environment, it incorporates numerous thoughtful features that were developed with your performance and comfort in mind.

The console was designed for ease of use while still providing you with all the features you deserve.

  • Start on the road to fitness today with this elliptical trainer and exceed your expectations.

  Outstanding Features And Specifications:

  • VARIOUS CHALLENGES: 8 levels of magnetic resistance adjustments can provide the user with a more challenging workout from beginner to advanced intensities.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Tubular steel construction and a wide base provide secure stability and lasting durability. Pulse pads on the additional stationary handle bars provide heart rate monitoring.
  • SMOOTH AND QUIET DRIVEN: The precision balanced flywheel and V- belt drive provides smooth and quiet operation.
  • HEAVY-DUTY PEDAL: Increase the strength of the frame which can support a maximum of 330 lbs. Large pedals with ridges prevent foot slippage.
  • LCD MONITORING TECHNOLOGY: Indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed, scan, and target zone heart rate monitoring.
Also Tracks Workout Progress And Heart Rate For Your Instant Feedback

  Outstanding Features:

  • Smooth and quiet workouts.
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance.
  • Pulse rate grips.
  • Variable tension control.
  • 12 lb built-in effective flywheel.
  • Stable and comfortable hand bar.
  • Comfortable big non-slip pedal.
  • Digital monitor and large window LCD display.
  • Elbow mounting device.

  Standard Information:

  • Max.Load: 330lbs/150kg
  • Product Weight: 35.8 kg
  • Footboard size: 39.5 x 16 cm/ 15.6 x 6.3 inch

See a great video of the Aceshin Elliptical Machine Trainer in action which is provided.



While on the Keto diet you can enjoy the extra energy boost to greatly improve your workout provided by an exogenous ketone supplement.

  • Note that many elite athletes including those in the Tour de France get their energy from ketones vs glucose.
KETO BHB For Your Exercise Performance

The outstanding product of choice that you should get isKeto BHB Exogenous Ketone Supplement – Beta Hydroxybutyrate Ketone Salt Pills – 30 Servings  by Vitamin Bounty

  About This Product:
  • A Clean Energy Source – Vitamin Bounty’s Keto BHB can help your body generate a clean energy source that gives you more mileage and keeps your internal system running smoothly.
  • Improved Brain Function – Increasing BHB levels in your body can help generate an increase in brain function, heart performance, liver behavior, and potentially enhance other tissues – which is extremely important when you are on a ketogenic diet
  • Enhance Your Workouts – When your body cannot produce ketones quickly enough for energy and glycogen stores are depleted, your body may need an extra boost. Charge your system with Keto BHB to help provide an extra boost and keep you fueled longer.
  • Better Value – Some competitors overprice their Keto BHB. We don’t! You get pure Exogenous Keto BHB Ketones at a great price.
  • Made in the USA – Each bottle is tested for quality assurance and efficacy in a GMP facility.



A great universal pre-workout energy booster that you should get whether your are on the Keto Diet or otherwise is the VINTAGE BLAST Pre Workout – First Two-Stage Pre-Workout Supplement

Vintage Blast Pre Workout Power For You
   About the product:
  • PRE WORKOUT IN TWO STAGES: The world’s first two-stage natural pre-workout energy drink for men and women; steady delivery of ingredients to power you through workouts and competitive events.
  • TESTED AND TRUSTED: Third-party tested pre-workout supplement with exclusively premium ingredients. No banned substances; can be used for bodybuilding or any athletic event.
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS OR YOUR MONEY BACK: If you are not 100% satisfied, we will help you resolve your concern or provide a full refund.
  • OSL HERITAGE: Our team of experts are available by email or social media to answer questions regarding the best way to use



By exercising daily, anyone searching to improve your health and longevity as well as being focused on losing belly fat, can do so by using the best at home Elliptical Machine because such daily exercise will answer what you are looking to achieve whether you are enjoying The Ketogenic Diet For Beginners or otherwise.

The Aceshin Elliptical Machine Trainer. provides you the assurance of a highly reliable maintenance free home exercise advantage for a dependable home exercise option.




Brian Arabella , 5.0 out of 5 stars Good Product for a Home Workout

“This is the day three review; unlike cheaper units, this one has solid metal beams and joints, to which the plastic foot holders are merely bolted — really cheap units put the stress directly onto the plastic — so I don’t foresee any problems but will naturally update this review if I suffer any surprises.


Webster Augustus, 5.0 out of 5 stars Great elliptical for the money!

“After reading the reviews and comparing this to many others I am very happy with my choice. The directions were easy and I put this together myself in around 1 1/2 hours. I made sure to put a nice amount of grease on all the greased areas since some reviews said that it was noisy. I have no noise, it glides smoothly and I love the fact it is on the smaller side and does not take up much space in my apartment. This is a great product and I say if you are looking to buy it it is well worth the money. I suggest you take the time to read the directions, layout all the parts and hardware and do not spare on the grease. :)”


“It took me 3 hours to put it together, be careful, some of the parts look the same on the diagram and the directions arnt the most clear. but i figured it out. The end result is awesome. it works perfectly for what i need it for. I use it every day for an hour. so for me it is perfect and I would recomend it for anyone. Im getting great results and totally satisfied. I was nervous about buying one on the cheaper end but couldn’t afford a top of the line one. I was not disappointed! I researched many models in this price range for quit a while and so glad I decided on this one!! Hope this helps!!”



 This is not Medical Advice. Nothing herein this article should be considered or used as any personal medical advice, and one should always consult with one’s personal Doctor before making any changes in one’s diet, routine or following any information given, suggested or provided herein. No Statements herein are approved by the FDA.


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