What Are The Benefits Of Low Carb Diet Plans With Keto?

What Are The Benefits Of Low Carb Diet Plans With Keto?

The Benefits Of Low Carb Diet Plans With Keto For You

If you have been struggling to find a diet that works for you, you can solve your problem by enjoying the benefits of low carb diet plans with Keto because this will be the answer to what you are looking to achieve.

However, first one needs to understand what is a low carb diet when done correctly and also what are the benefits it offers one on The Ketogenic Diet.



A low carb diet is a diet that restricts Carbohydrates, such as those found in sugary foods, pasta, and bread.

There are only three food groups which are:

  • Fats
  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates

And, since a low carb diet target restriction of Carbohydrates, this leaves only Protein and Fats to be added to one’s diet.



In 1967 The Stillman Diet was a high-protein, low-Carbohydrate diet that was created by physician Irwin Maxwell Stillman.

In 1972, Robert Atkins published the Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution, which advocated the low-Carbohydrate diet he had successfully used in treating patients in the 1960s, by having developed the diet from a 1963 article published in JAMA.

In 1994 the Ketogenic diet achieved national media exposure in the US when NBC’s Dateline television program reported the case of Charlie Abrahams, son of Hollywood producer Jim Abrahams.

The two-year-old suffered from epilepsy that had remained uncontrolled by mainstream and alternative therapies. Abrahams discovered a reference to the Ketogenic diet in an epilepsy guide for parents and brought Charlie to John M. Freeman at Johns Hopkins Hospital, which had continued to offer the therapy.

The history of the Ketogenic diet began with a nutritional plan that forces the body to use fat instead of Carbohydrates for energy.

Prior to this time, the Keto diet was successfully used as far back as the 1930s for brain disorders such as epilepsy but not used as a mainstream health diet.



The Ketogenic diet is a diet that deals with the three basic food types in a given percentage.

It emphasizes the burning of fat for energy.

The food consumption percentages that the keto diet strives for are:

  • Fats 80 %
  • Protein15 %
  • Carbohydrates 5%


The Adverse Effects Of The High Carb “Western Diet”

All three diets, the Stillman, Atkins and Keto, all emphasize a low Carbohydrate diet.

However, unlike the Keto diet, the other low carb diets emphasize protein as the major food type to eat.

Although low carb high protein diet received much interest and initial success they failed for one primary reason.

The reason they failed is the fact that when one’s body has too much protein one’s body turns such protein into glucose.

When this happens this, in effect, has the same end result as if one is consuming Carbohydrates.

And, when the body converts the protein, as it would a Carbohydrate, then one’s body produces the hormone Insulin which blocks one from burning belly fat and also causes one to be hungry.

Thus, protein needs to be limited in one’s diet like the Keto Diet stresses.

And the emphasis on protein by Stillman and Atkins is the reason these two diets are destined to fail and have fallen out of favor.



The benefits of low carb diet plans with Keto are many and varied though they are related to one’s health and well being.

But, at the same time, many of these benefits are interrelated due to the mechanism of Carbohydrate restriction with Keto.



The Metabolic Syndrome, also known as Syndrome X , refers to a grouping of metabolic conditions that can lead to a number of life-threatening conditions.

Metabolic Syndrome affects more than one out of every three adults in the U.S.

  Some of the dangerous effects of Metabolic Syndrome include:

  • Insulin Resistance
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar)
  • Abnormal cholesterol
  • Increased risk for clotting.
  • Increased circulating inflammatory proteins


By reducing one’s insulin response one is able to burn fat and specifically belly fat.

Furthermore, one’s hunger response is much less since one is able to burn such belly fat and thus one is not hungry as one is on a high Carbohydrate diet.

YouTube report on The Truth About Heart Disease & Cholesterol by Dr. Dwight Lundell


Carbohydate reduction will greatly increase the inflammation that damages one’s heart and arteries.

It is inflammation and not cholesterol that causes damage to one’s cardiovascular system.

For an interesting must watch YouTube report on The Truth About Heart Disease & Cholesterol by Dr. Dwight Lundell past Chief of Staff and Chief of Surgery at the Banner Heart Hospital, Mesa, AZ, please click on and watch from the beginning.

Dr. Lundell points out his findings regarding his high inflammation observations during heart operations which he feels is caused by a high Carbohydrate diet and bad fats such as vegetable oils and not Cholesterol.


Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg received the 1931 Nobel Prize for “The Real Cause of Cancer”

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg received the 1931 Nobel Prize for “The Real Cause of Cancer”, on YouTube, known as “The Warburg Effect” noting in short that cancer cells need glucose to survive.

Thus, by cutting off the glucose that is produced by a high Carbohydrate diet one is cutting of the food that feeds cancer cells.

And one’s good cells will continue to thrive on Ketones produced by a low carb diet. 


The Low Cab Keto Diet has been reported to play a key roll in huge improvements of COPD.

Further, it reduces the inflammation of the respiratory tract and overall well being.

    6. STROKE

Both a heart attack and a stroke happen when one’s blood vessels are compromised and diseased such that they become susceptible to a clot.

It is just a question of which will come first when one’s cardiovascular system becomes compromised by Inflammation.

The Keto Diet is key to reducing Inflammation caused by the high carb/sugar diet which is so prevalent at this time.


  The two fuels that the brain can use are:

  • Glucose or
  • Ketones.

Glucose is the product of the breakdown of Carbohydrates that we eat or is made via our liver by a process called gluconeogenesis which literally means “new glucose making”.

Ketones are the product of the breakdown of fat to fatty acids, either from fat in our diet or fat stored in our adipose tissue.

Evidence that certain impaired brain functions can improve by increasing the use of Ketones for brain fuel has existed for almost a century.

There is a huge amount of evidence that the positive impacts of the Ketogenic Diet for migraines, brain cancer, and traumatic brain injury.

Anecdotally, many people who adopt the Ketogenic Diet report improvements in their mental health, such as anxiety, depression and bipolar illness, but the research base, while promising, is slim by some accounts.

A 2017 paper in the journal Neurochemistry summarized what is known: ketones as fuel in the brain have been shown to enhance many beneficial effects:

  • Mitochondrial respiration (energy production),
  • Increase neuronal growth factors,
  • Strengthen the signal sent between synapses,
  • Reduce brain inflammation, and
  • Reduce oxidative stress.


By reducing Carbohydrate intake, one is reducing the amount of Insulin that is produced in one’s body.

By reducing the demand on one’s body to produce more Insulin to deal with high blood glucose, one is reducing the likelihood that one’s pancreas will fail to be able to make enough Insulin to handle the high resultant blood glucose.

Furthermore, such Insulin reduction will help one counter high Insulin resistance.

  -The Insulin Resistance of one’s cells causes the Pancreas to produce more Insulin to get rid of the high Blood Glucose which the Insulin is unable to remove,

-One’s Blood Glucose levels skyrocket,

  -When the Blood Glucose skyrocket happens, the Pancreas starts producing even more Insulin to bring the very high Blood Glucose levels down. This Insulin increase leads to Hyperinsulinemia,

-The over normal Insulin production puts a huge strain on the Pancreas and soon one’s Pancreas fails, and then,

  -When the Pancreas fails to be able to make Insulin in the blood, the Blood Glucose skyrocketing leads to a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, with all its dangerous effects on one’s body.

Note that by embracing the Ketogenic Diet some of the beneficial effects one will encounter are:

  • Greatly lowers one’s blood glucose levels,
  • Takes the burden off of the Pancreas to make glucose,
  • Lowers the amount of Insulin in the body,
  • Lowers the greatly harmful effect of high glucose provided by Insulin Resistance.


The Ketogenic Diet has been reported to play a key role within huge improvements in COPD as well as the inflammation of the respiratory tract and overall well being.

Further, the Ketogenic Diet has been shown to reduce Inflammation as well as Chronic Inflammation of one’s pulmonary respiratory system.

When Inflammation becomes chronic it is suspected to be a key influence in causing lower respiratory tract disease.

And, the inflammation response in one’s system eventually compromises one’s pulmonary system’s ability to transport oxygen into one’s bloodstream.


It has been shown that the Ketogenic Diet is a low carb diet which is very beneficial to the kidney.

Furthermore, high Carbohydrates and high sugars are very damaging to the kidney.

    11. SUICIDE

Recent studies suggest that the Keto Diet might be an effective tool for treating depression, and clearing up so-called “brain fog” though scientists caution more research is necessary before it can be recommended as a treatment.

It has been shown that when Ketones are consistently present, a significant number of people begin to see positive mental changes.


Dr. Benjamin Sandler’s Finding Regarding A Low Carbohydrate Diet 

Dr. Benjamin Sandler, a former United States naval surgeon, studied for decades two of his era’s most devastating infectious diseases: polio (a viral infection) and tuberculosis (a bacterial one).

In both cases, he found that a low-Carbohydrate diet was the best treatment and prevention for the disease



One should be aware that not all Carbohydrates are equal.

Different ones have a different effect on one’s glucose and Insulin release.

This is known as the Glycemic Index. which Wikipedia defines as a relative ranking of Carbohydrates in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels.

Carbohydrates with a low Glycemic Index value are more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolized.

They cause a lower and slower rise in blood glucose and, therefore Insulin levels.

Foods such as vegetables have a lower glycemic index than say sugar and thus they are considered much more healthy.



Regarding different types of fats, some are better than others, and some are even harmful.

The Amazing Coconut Oil, That One Should Get

Such detailed information is provided in the post: What Are The Different Types Of Fats In Food For Keto?

The outstanding healthy organic fats that one should consider and use are:

  1. COCONUT OIL which is discussed in detail at Why Use Amazing Coconut Oil For Health Benefits On Keto?

One should definitely get and use one of the outstanding Coconut Oils Now Available.

  2. MCT OIL which is a fast high energy derivative of Coconut Oil, which goes directly into one’s bloodstream bypassing the liver for a very fast energy response.

One should definitely get and use one of the outstanding MCT oils now offered.




It is very important for one who wants to monitor the effects of one’s diet to have the means to see the results of one’s diet choices.

Like snowflakes everyone is different and therefore the results of one’s diet will be different.


  • If you want to get out of the dark you need Blood Monitoring to know what is going on.


Blood testing is the Gold Standard for Monitoring one’s state of Ketosis.

The amazing Keto-Mojo is the product of choice to monitor both one’s blood Glucose Levels and Ketone Levels.

“Yes, I want the Keto-Mojo for the most accurate and most reliable Gold Standard testing device for my Blood Levels”, then one should grab this for one’s Ketogenic Diet monitoring,  which is the amazing KETO-MOJO Blood Ketone and Glucose Testing Meter Kit. 

The Amazing KETO-MOJO Blood Monitor TO ADD TO CART Now

The only superior lifetime and reliable device that one should GET, which comes with a full lifetime guarantee.

This advanced device produces the most accurate and only long term/life long way known to test for Ketone and also glucose levels.

It exceeds strict FDA and International standards ensuring one gets the best measurement results possible.

It comes with 1 Keto-Mojo Testing Meter, 1 Lancing Device, 10 Lancets, 10 Blood Ketone, and 10 Blood Glucose Testing Strips, 1 Carrying Case, 2 AAA Batteries, 3 Manuals.

Keto-Mojo also offers a number of very helpful instructional videos.


  • Do not get the KETO-MOJO if you do not want to know what is happening to you with your diet!


Plus, A lifetime warranty is offered.

This outstanding product will indicate one’s definite state of Ketosis, thus being also accurate for correlating with one’s loss of belly fat and weight.

The Keto-Mojo will provide the needed feedback to assure that one is in a state of Ketosis.



Now there is no need for you to continue struggling to find a diet that works since you can solve your problem by enjoying the benefits of low carb diet plans with Keto.

This is your answer because a low carb diet with Keto has been proven to be the most effective diet for one’s health and longevity whether one is on The Ketogenic Diet For Beginners or otherwise.



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This is not Medical Advice. Nothing herein this article should be considered or used as any personal medical advice, and one should always consult with one’s personal Doctor before making any changes in one’s diet, routine or following any information given, suggested or provided herein. No Statements herein are approved by the FDA.




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