1. Increases Longevity
    2. Inflammation protection due to strong antioxidant properties which is more than a typical serving of grape juice, blueberries, raspberries, or even oranges
    3. Type 2 Diabetes Protection
    4. Protects Liver
    5. Alzheimer’s Protection
    6. Suicide Protection
    7. Reduces Pain
    8. Increases Fiber
    9. Protects Liver
    10. Depression Protection
    11. Parkinson Protection
    12. Increases Heart Health and Protects against Heart Disease
    13. Increases DNA Strength
    14. Reduces the risk of Multiple Sclerosis
    15. Reduces Risk of Cancer
    16. Protects against Gout
    17. Increases Eye Health
    18. Increases Dental Health
    19. Protects Liver
    20. Keto-Friendly
    21. Increases Overall Health: The USDA’s 2015 dietary guidelines recommend it for better health. They advise people that having 3 to 5 cups of Coffee a day is good for their overall health and reduces the risk of disease.