The 9 Best Bubonic Plague AKA Black Death Treatments 2019



The Life And Death Fight With Black Death

If you are in a struggle to fight Black Death, you can gain the upper hand by learning the best way to fight it because of your knowledge of the best Black Death Treatments.

  • Furthermore, as you will see it is critical that you start to fight back against Bubonic Plague within the first 24 hours.

No doubt about it, this is a life and death struggle whether you are enjoying The Ketogenic Diet For Health And Longevity Lifestyle or otherwise.



Transmitted From Rats By The Rat Flea 

Per Wikipedia, Black Death refers to the Medieval Black Plague that ravaged Europe and killed a third of its population.

Black Plague AKA Bubonic Plague is caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis.

Yersinia pestis is transmitted to humans from infected rats via the oriental rat flea.

It is an infection of the lymphatic system.



The history of the Black Plague Pandemics are divided as follows.


The first pandemic was in the Roman Empire.

It resulted in the deaths of 25 million Romans in the 6th century and 50 million just two centries latter.


In the period from 1340 to 1400, Europe experienced the most deadly disease outbreak in history.

The Bubonic Plague killed a third of the European population.

It first began in Central Asia and then spread from Italy and then throughout the remaining European countries.

It is believed that the Black Death/Black Plague/Bubonic Plague originated in Mongolia and then spread as people fled from one area to another.


In the 19th century, the Bubonic Plague again resurfaced in China.

Within six months of its beginning, the disease killed 80,000 people.

It then spread to port cities throughout the world and to even California.

Its last outbreak in the United States occurred in 1924 in Los Angeles.

However, the disease is still present in wild rodents and can be passed to humans that come in contact with them.

From 1900 to 2015, the United States had 1,036 human plague cases with an average of 9 cases per year.

In 2015, 16 people in the Western United States developed plague, including 2 cases in Yosemite National Park.

Cases were reported in New Mexico, northern Arizona, southern Colorado, California, southern Oregon, and far western Nevada.

In 2017, an outbreak was reported by the Madagascar Ministry of Health to the  WHO (World Health Organization).

An overview of the plagues and the need for good sanitation can be viewed at the YouTube National Geographic Presentation Re Black Plague.



Presently many large cities around the globe and the United States are now being overrun by rats.

Bubonic plague has a 13% death rate in treated cases.

And in untreated cases, it has a 50%-100% death rate.

Furthermore, the death rate for the pneumonic form of plague is 100% if not treated within the first 24 hours of suspected infection.

Speaking with Dilbert creator Scott Adams, Dr. Drew explained how he predicted the current Typhus outbreak infecting Los Angeles residents and said Bubonic Plague is similarly endemic to the area.

  • For instance, recently, radio host Dr. Drew warned Americans that Los Angeles’ growing homeless and rodent populations could lead to a resurgence of the Bubonic Plague.



Bubonic Plague Spread From Rats By Their Rat Fleas

Bubonic Plague is contracted from the bite of an infected flea, Xenopsylla cheopis (the rat flea).

Once contracted the disease can be transmitted to humans by direct contact with infected tissue or exposure to the cough of another human.



One to seven days after exposure to the bacteria, flu-like symptoms develop.

These symptoms include fever, headaches, and vomiting.

In the area closest to where the bacteria entered the skin, swollen and painful lymph nodes occur.

Occasionally, the swollen lymph nodes may break open.



So far vaccines have not been found to be an effective prevention of Bubonic Plague.

The best prevention is through public health measures which include staying away from rats and not handling dead animals, especially in areas where plague is common.

Good public health which includes good sanitation and keeping the rat population to a minimum is the first line of defense and should not be neglected.



Recovering Signs per Wikipedia

After being transmitted via the bite of an infected flea, the Y. pestis bacteria become localized in an inflamed lymph node, where they begin to colonize and reproduce.

  • The best-known symptom of Bubonic Plague is one or more infected, enlarged, and painful lymph nodes, known as buboes.

The entire body becomes bruised.

Buboes associated with the Bubonic Plague are commonly found in the armpits, upper femoral groin, and neck region.

Note the black necrosis picture of the nose, the lips, and the fingers and residual bruising over both forearms in a person recovering from Bubonic Plague that disseminated to the blood and the lungs.

Another symptom is gangrene of the fingers, toes, lips, and nose.



In order to diagnose and confirm plague laboratory testing is necessary.

Diagnosis is confirmed through the identification of Y. pestis culture from a patient sample.

Serum from the patient is the preferred method but quick screening can be used by rapid dipstick tests in the field.

Samples can be taken from the blood and lungs.



As stated previously treatment should begin immediately.

Treatments can be divided into Pharmaceutical and Natural.


* Anyone that has had contact with anyone infected by pneumonic plague should be given prophylactic antibiotics immediately.

Mortality associated with treated cases of Bubonic Plague is about 1–15%, compared to a mortality of 50–100% in untreated cases.

People potentially infected with the plague need immediate treatment and should be given prophylactic antibiotics within 24 hours of the first symptoms to prevent death.


This is not the say that you should forego any of the above pharmaceutical treatments for Bubonic Plague.

However, the antibiotics have an effectiveness window after which they lose their effectiveness.

Colloidal Silver is a key natural treatment that has been shown as the only natural substance to be effective against the Bubonic Plague Pathogen.
  • Silver even protected the wealthy aristocrats of Europe from the devastation of the Bubonic Plague during the Middle Ages.

Unwittingly, the “blue bloods” as they became known, drank liquids from silver vessels and thereby protected themselves from the diseases that killed multitudes.

Colloidal Silver should be taken at the very earliest indication, suspicion or contact with the plague.

The Life Saving SilverLungs GeneratorComplete Kit

American Biotech even took out a patent on the process for using their colloidal silver disinfectant spray to kill the Bubonic Plague pathogen, Yersinia pestis.

Since Antibiotics are said to be no help after a short period, Colloidal Silver seems logical to take as soon as a threat is noticed and to be continued to a cure.

A Colloidal Silver treatment is best taken on an empty stomach when arising in an amount of one to 2 Jiggers (1 Jigger=1.5oz), and the same before going to sleep

Also nebulizing should be strongly considered.

Colloidal Silver has been known to kill over 650 pathogens.

In laboratory tests with Colloidal Silver, 650 bacteria, viruses, and fungal organisms are killed within minutes of contact.

The only Colloidal Silver that you should consider is the SilverLungs 20ppm solution or 20ppm Colloidal Silver made on your home state of the art SilverLungs Generator.


  • They use an over-calibrated water meter (it can’t make more than 14 PPM) so the over-calibrated meter fudges the numbers to 20 PPM.
  • They went to the same plastics company to rip-off the SilverLungs’ exact chassis,
  • They use skinny “wires” for their silver vs. the SilverLungs’ hefty “rods”.
  • Their unit works strictly on a timer (does not actively measure the PPM during production) so the PPM is simply what it happens to get up to during it’s two pre-determined time intervals


Three other natural treatments in additon to Colloidal Silver that are used against the Bubonic Plague pathogen include:

  1. Oxygen,
  2. Intravenous fluids, and
  3. Respiratory support.




If you are struggling to fight the Black Death AKA Bubonic Plague or you are worried that you might have been exposed to it, you can gain the upper hand by learning the best Black Death treatments because your knowledge of the best Black Death treatments for Bubonic Plague can save your life.

Such knowledge is very important for you to have whether you are practicing The Best Keto Diet For Beginners or otherwise.




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