How To Get Longevity With Amazing Keto-Mojo Test Strips?



In order for one to understand how to get longevity with the amazing Keto-Mojo test strips, one must first understand what is blood testing whether one is enjoying The Best Keto Diet Plan For Beginners or otherwise.

Getting A Convenient Home Blood Test Sample With The Keto-Mojo Test Strips

A blood test is an analysis performed on a blood sample that is usually extracted from one’s body.

It can be extracted from a vein in the arm using a hypodermic needle, or via fingerprick.



Blood testing is one of the most important steps aging adults can take to stop and prevent life-threatening diseases.

Bood test results enable one to catch critical changes in one’s body.

Such critical changes can be observed before they manifest into heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or worse.

Thus, having the proper blood tests can empower one to make the changes necessary to enact a science-based disease-prevention program that could enhance one’s health and longevity and add decades of a healthy life.



In ancient times humans realized the importance of blood.

They realized that the loss of blood usually leads to death.

In 1900, Paul Ehrlich wrote an article regarding blood typing in goats.

This influenced Karl Lansteiner, an Austrian, who discovered some of the different blood types.

In 1951, the Auto Analyzer performing one blood test per minute was invented by Leonard Skeggs as a faster way to manage blood testing within his hospital laboratory.

In the 1970s the very important blood glucose testing was first done in American hospitals in the 1970s.

Also, in the 1970s Home glucose monitoring was demonstrated to improve glycemic control of type 1 diabetes.

In the early 1980s, the first meters were marketed for home use.



For one to take control of one’s health and longevity as it relates to the balance of glucose and ketone blood states, one must have timely feedback and not “Navigate In The Blind” as to how one is responding to one’s state of one’s Blood Ketosis and Blood Glucose.

Depending on one’s condition, and for one to realize the effects of one’s diet, daily and even multiple daily feedback is essential.

All humans seem to react differently to the glucose ketone balance, and thus one needs to have intimate knowledge as to how one responds to different dietary intake, exercise, and daily routine.

Otherwise, one is in the dark as to the effects of one’s diet on one’s health.

Initially, one should take blood readings that are both fasting and after meals to see how one’s body is reacting.



Ketosis is a metabolic state in which some of the body’s energy supply comes from Ketone Bodies in the blood, in contrast to a state of glycolysis in which Blood Glucose provides energy. 

Generally, ketosis occurs when the body is metabolizing fat at a high rate and converting fatty acids into ketones.

YouTube Watch: Thomas DeLauer With His Amazing Keto-Mojo, “What Is The Best Ketone Test Range For Fat Loss?”

Ketosis is a nutritional process characterized by serum concentrations of Ketone Bodies over 0.5 mM, with low and stable levels of insulin and Blood Glucose.

It is almost always generalized with hyperketonemia, that is, an elevated level of Ketone Bodies in the blood throughout the body.

YouTube Watch: Thomas DeLauer, “What Is The Best Ketone Test Range For Fat Loss” using his amazing lifetime Keto-Mojo Monitor?

Ketone Bodies are formed by Ketogenesis when liver glycogen stores are depleted.

Ketones can also be consumed in exogenous ketone foods and supplements.

The main Ketone Bodies used for energy are acetoacetate and B-hydroxybutyrate.

The levels of Ketone Bodies are regulated mainly by insulin and glucagon.

Most cells in the body can use both Glucose and Ketone bodies for fuel, and during ketosis, free fatty acids and glucose synthesis, called gluconeogenesis, fuel the remainder.

It is important for one to understand the difference between Ketosis and Ketoacidosis.

Ketoacidosis is entirely different from Ketosis.

Ketoacidosis refers to an acute life-threatening state requiring prompt medical intervention that is usually related to Type 1 Diabetes and it may result in a diabetic coma if left untreated.

Ketosis is a physiological adaptation to a low carbohydrate environment like fasting or a Ketogenic Diet.

Longer-term ketosis results from fasting or staying on a low-carbohydrate diet (Ketogenic Diet), and deliberately induced ketosis serves as a medical intervention for various conditions, such as intractable epilepsy, and the various types of diabetes.

In glycolysis, higher levels of insulin promote storage of body fat and block the release of fat from adipose fat tissues like one’s belly, while in ketosis, fat reserves are readily released and consumed.

Thus, Ketosis is often referred to as the state when one’s body is in a “fat-burning” mode.



YouTube Watch: Dr. Berg, “What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level?”

Glucose is stored in the body as glycogen.

The liver is an important storage site for glycogen.

Glycogen is mobilized and converted to Glucose by gluconeogenesis when the Blood Glucose concentration is low.

YouTube watch: YouTube Watch: Dr. Berg, What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level?

One’s Pancreas regulates Blood Glucose levels.

One’s Adrenal gland increases Blood Glucose levels and speeds up the heart rate.

The home testing of one’s glucose is very important for one’s healthy longevity because if one’s glucose level is above the desired amount very bad health problems occur.

Blood Glucose levels provided by the Keto-Mojo test strips give one an indication of whether one’s blood sugar is too low, too high, or just right.

Monitoring of these levels is critical for one managing diabetes or simply striving for optimal health since maintaining healthy levels helps reduce one’s risk of many common, life-threatening diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. 



Ketones and Glucose levels in one’s blood are in opposition to each other in that one can decrease harmful Blood Glucose levels by increasing one’s Ketone level.

Healthy Happy Ketogenic Cavewoman Ancestor

Thus, with all the harmful effects of one’s glucose level being too high, with all its dangerous side effects, this can be controlled and decreased by one increasing one’s ketone level by enjoying the Ketogenic Diet one’s caveman ancestors lived on for hundreds of thousands of years.

The ketogenic diet has many outstanding health benefits for one’s health and longevity as explained in detail in The Ketogenic Diet For Healthy Longevity post.

One must take home control of one’s Blood Glucose level health which cannot be accomplished by a yearly visit to the Dr for the routine fasting blood test.

This is not to say that a routine yearly broad spectrum blood test is not important as it tests for a wide level of conditions.

But in regard to Blood Glucose and Blood Ketone, yearly testing does NOT provide the much-needed information for one’s health and longevity.

The Keto-Mojo tester with its accompanying Ketone and Glucose test strips provides the tool of choice for controlling one’s glucose levels through ketosis.


  • Do not get the Keto-Mojo if you do not want to know how you are doing with your diet.



The KETO-MOJO is the best home testing device on the market as it is an excellent device that gives a fast and accurate reading to one regarding one’s blood levels of Ketone and Glucose

Yes, I want to get the Keto-Mojo for home monitoring of my blood!, then one should GRAB and ADD TO CART the Keto-Mojo Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System Strips and Reader.

These amazing Keto-Mojo test strips give very fast and accurate readings for both one’s Ketone and Glucose levels.

This Special kit includes the Keto-Mojo Ketone and Glucose Meter, 10 ketone and 10 glucose strips, and an accessory bag with a lancet device and 10 lancets.

Complete Keto-Mojo information including related Video regarding their amazing test strips and monitor can be reviewed at the Keto-Mojo site.

      – By using the Ketone Strips, the Keto-Mojo monitor displays one’s Blood Ketone level.

One is considered to be burning fat and in Ketosis with a reading of 0.5 to 5.0.

      – By Using the Glucose Strips, the Keto-Mojo monitor quickly displays the three key blood level parameters of:

  • Glucose…..optimum for fasting should be in 90 range. A fasting blood sugar level less than 100 mg/dL (5.6 mmol/L) is normal. A fasting blood sugar level from 100 to 125 mg/dL (5.6 to 6.9 mmol/L) is considered prediabetes. Blood Glucose is commonly considered too high if it is higher than 130 mg/dl before a meal or higher than 180 mg/dl two hours after the first bite of a meal.
  • Hematocrit*….optimum should be between approximately 45% to 52% for men and 37% to 48% for women, and
  • Hemoglobin*.The normal range for hemoglobin is: For men, 13.5 to 17.5 grams per deciliter. For women, 12.0 to 15.5 grams per deciliter.

The Keto-Mojo product is FDA Approved for its outstanding accuracy for both Ketone Levels and Glucose Levels, but not for its Hematocrit and Hemoglobin accuracy.

*It should not be used or relied on for diagnosis and/or treatment due to its Hematocrit or Hemoglobin readings.

Also, it comes with a full Lifetime Guarantee.

Further one can watch the following quick and simple YouTube demonstration: Testing Demonstration with your Keto-Mojo Meter.  



As pointed out, home testing is critical for one to monitor and take control of how to get longevity with the amazing Keto-Mojo test strips, and one must first understand what is blood testing whether one is enjoying The Ketogenic Diet For Healthy Longevity or otherwise.

One should not navigate “In The Blind” one’s glucose and ketone blood levels, because one’s health and longevity depend on timely feedback especially if one is following The Best Keto Diet Plan For Beginners.




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