What Is The Best Intermittent Fasting Plan With 17 Benefits?


Our Lean And Healthy Intermittent Fasting Cavewoman Ancestor

Intermittent fasting for longevity is a doubling down on The Ketogenic Diet For Health and Longevity, with the best Intermittent fasting plan.

  • By itself, Intermittent Fasting may produce weight loss comparable to long-term calorie restriction and is a valuable addition to The Ketogenic Diet.

With one having an Intermittent Fasting Plan in conjunction with the Ketogenic Diet, this greatly accelerates the burning of belly fat, weight loss while increasing one’s health and longevity without ever being hungry.

Further, Caloric Restriction has been proven to increase Healthy Longevity!



Fasting is the willing abstinence or reduction from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time.

Dry Fasting is normally defined as abstinence from all food and liquid for a defined period

Water Fasting refers to abstinence from all food and drinks except water, black coffee, plain tea and water with apple cider vinegar may be consumed.

  • Great Tip: In regard to black coffee or tea being too acid, one can add an amount of Colloidal Silver, as one desires, which is highly alkaline (pH 10) to neutralize the acidity of one’s black coffee or tea to one’s liking.

By using Colloidal Silver, one will not have to use cream to neutralize the acidity of one’s drinks since using cream can interrupt one’s fast.

Normal Fasting is assumed when a person is fasting after 8 to12 hours have elapsed since one’s last meal. It is normally attributed to sleeping overnight.

A Fasting State begins after absorption of a meal which is typically 3-5 hours from eating.

Extended Fasting refers to a fast of one or more days with no food.


What Has Happened To Our Lean Mean Ancestors To Present Continually Eating And Drinking

An Intermittent Fasting Plan is fasting for an extended defined time period while still eating at least one time per day.

The Caveman followed this plan, not by choice, but by circumstance, as he was fortunate to be able to have just one meal a day. He did not eat almost continually all day long as many do today, which results in a fat belly.

An Intermittent fasting plan can be a viable additional strategy to lose belly fat fast and increase one’s Health and Longevity at the same time.



The beauty of Intermittent Fasting for longevity over a long term Extended Fast is that one can routinely practice Intermittent Fasting indefinitely.

Should one desires to try a multi-day Extended Fast, please note this is a one-time event, unlike Intermittent Fasting.

A multi-day Extended Fast is not something one can routinely adopt as a continual weight losing or weight maintenance lifestyle strategy.



The advantage of Intermittent Fasting for longevity, when done in a state of ketosis, is that it is accomplished easily and without being hungry.

It can be adopted, as many have done, permanently and routinely to easily lose belly fat.

One is not hungry while burning belly fat at a faster rate.



The reason that one needs to be in a state of ketosis to adopt Intermittent Fasting is that if one is not in a state of ketosis one will become hungry when on the Intermittent Fasting.

And, the longer the interval between meals the greater will be one’s desire to eat as one becomes more hungry over time. One is not able to use one’s huge belly fat store of calories for energy to lose belly fat, if not in ketosis.

Thus, as one can see, it is critical for one to be in a state of ketosis when embarking on an Intermittent Fast routine.

  • Testing is the primary way for one to monitor ones state of ketosis.

For one to know one is in Ketosis, the most exacting way to be sure is for one to use Ketosis Testing.

Following are the standard three ways to test for one’s state of Ketosis:


Smackfat Ketone Strips are for monitoring and tracking progress on a day to day basis. These Ketone strips which measure the Ketones in one’s urine will give Ketone test strip results.

Moreover, these Smackfat Ketone Strips are inexpensive and by far the least expensive initial test method.

They are just as good and preferable for only beginners on the Keto diet.

Note, as one continues with the Ketogenic Life Style, one’s urine chemistry will begin to change such that Ketone Strip testing of one’s urine will become unreliable.


The next step up in measuring and analyzing Ketosis is provided by Ketone Breath Testers.

Note, however, there have been reliability quality issues with both of these breath testers and breath testing.

So testing by this method is not recommended.


Keto-Mojo for Accurate Testing, ADD TO CART

Yes, I want the Keto-Mojo for accurate testing!, then for the most accurate Gold Standard testing for Ketones, the best selling KETO-MOJO Blood Ketone and Glucose Testing Meter Kit is the superior lifetime device that one should GET, use and ADD TO CART.

  • This Keto-Mojo advanced device produces the most accurate way known to test for ketones and also glucose levels.

It exceeds strict FDA and International standards ensuring one gets the best measurement results possible.

It comes with 1 Keto-Mojo Testing Meter, 1 Lancing Device, 10 Lancets, 10 Blood Ketone Testing Strips and 10 Blood Glucose Strips, 1 Carrying Case, 2 AAA Batteries, 3 Manuals.

Keto-Mojo also provides many excellent instructional videos.

Plus, a lifetime warranty is also offered.

  • One will more than be able to pay for the Keto-Mojo with the money one saves on food by being in Ketosis.

Plus, if one is observing very healthy Intermittent Fasting, as explained following, one will save $300 per month on TMAD (two meals a day), and $600 per month on OMAD (one meal a day).


Hugh Jackman Is An Avid Practioner Of Intermittent Fasting

There a multitude of reasons for one to chose to do Intermittent Fasting.

Intermittent Fasting greatly increases the power of Ketosis.

Plus, some of the outstanding  benefits of Intermittent Fasting are:
  1.  Brain health
  2.  Anti-aging
  3.  Increased human growth hormone
  4.  Increased Intermittent Fasting Muscle
  5.  Increased immune system
  6.  Decreased inflammation
  7.  Decreased glucose levels
  8.  Improved Heart health
  9.  Improved Arterial health
  10.  Increased Cancer prevention
  11.  Lowered insulin response
  12.  Time for Gut rest and healing
  13.  Increased cell repair throughout the body
  14.  Saves money on groceries
  15.  Burns more belly fat  and faster
  16.  Decreased Inflammation decreases
  17.  Potentiates the benefits of a ketosis state



Once one has confirmed one is a state of ketosis, one should not just jump into a long term intermittent fasting.

Intermittent Fasting should be approached on an incremental basis.

  • When in ketosis one will notice that one is not hungry when one wakes up in the morning.

During this sleeping time, one has been in a state of fasting for approximately 8 hours.

Intermittent fasting is simply extending this 8 hour fast for a longer time.

Let’s say one wakes up at 7 am and went to sleep at 11pm, thus getting the standard 8 hours of sleep, and did not eat after 8pm.

If one is in ketosis, one will not be hungry when one wakes up in the morning and should not eat until one becomes hungry.

On the first day, one should be able to go to 10 am before eating.

On the second or third day, one should be able to easily go to 12 noon without being hungry.

In doing so one has completed what is known as TMAD (two meals a day). 

This results in a great 16 hour fast which is a two meal a day Intermittent Fast, which allows eating from 12 noon to 8 PM.

Using the same method of not eating, if not hungry, one can slowly extend one’s fasting period to 6 pm resulting in an OMAD (one meal a day) with an Intermediate Fasting period, resulting in a  22 hour fast, which allows eating from 6 PM to 8 PM.

Since one is not hungry during one’s Intermediate Fasting period, a TMAD or OMAD can be continued indefinitely.

There is a large number of very healthy people that practice a TMAD or OMAD on a routine basis.

Moreover, one can save $300 per month on TMAD and $600 per month on OMAD.

It is easy to understand that the Caveman did not wake up in the morning and have cereal, toast, pancakes etc.  

In fact, the Caveman was lucky to have just one meal every day if at all which would have been OMAD.

During one’s Intermittent Fast, one should only ingest water, black coffee, tea with nothing added or water with mother vinegar added.

   NOTE re Oils and Vinegar:

    – Taking pills and/or meds based in oils will interrupt and kill one’s Intermittent Fast. So, do not take such and only take pills that are powdery in form.

    – Vinegar in water is very healthy and does not interfere with one’s Intermittent Fast.



When one is in ketosis and on an Intermittent Fast routine, one should easily be able to exercise during one’s Intermittent Fast period before breaking one’s fast.

Exercising during the Intermittent Fast period creates a trifecta consisting of the health and belly fat burning effects of the Ketogenic Diet, Intermittent Fasting and Intermittent Fasting Exercise. 

  • Not only does this increase Intermittent Fasting Muscle, but it is also very healthy and speeds up one’s taking calories and fat from one’s belly.

For more information of the value of Exercising, please visit “Exercise For Belly Fat And Healthy Longevity”.



The best Intermittent Fasting plan for one while in a state of ketosis and practicing The Ketogenic Diet For Beginners has grown over time as a very effective and healthy lifestyle.

Intermittent Fasting for longevity is practiced by many very healthy people.

Once one tries extending one’s normal fast from sleeping, one will come to enjoy the benefits provided by either a TMAD or OMAD Life Style.


This is not Medical Advice. Nothing herein this article should be considered or used as any personal medical advice, and one should always consult with one’s personal Doctor before making any changes in one’s diet, routine or following any information given, suggested or provided herein. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Nothing herein is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.



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