What Are The Amazing Hydrogenated Water Benefits?



Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe and the Hydrogenated water benefits as well as the Hydrogenated water health benefits for those following The Best Ketogenic Diet Plan For Beginners or otherwise are huge.

Hydrogen Atom With Orbiting Electron

Hydrogen makes up 75% of the entire universe mass!

Hydrogen is a chemical element that has the symbol of “H” and the atomic number of “1”.

Further, it is the lightest of all chemical elements.

It has only one proton and only one electron.

It is a gas that is colorless, odorless, tasteless and not toxic.

It is most abundant on earth in the composition of water, H2O.

Composed of a single proton and a single electron, Hydrogen is the simplest and most abundant element in the universe. 

It is found mostly as pure Hydrogen in the Stars, Sun and Jupiter.

Hydrogen is an element, but it exists naturally as a Hydrogen molecule.

Each Hydrogen molecule is made up of two Hydrogen atoms.



 In the 1500s Hydrogen gas was first produced artificially.

Since the element only produced water when it was burned, it was named Hydrogen.

Hydrogen is Greek for “water-former.”

 In 1671 Hydrogen was discovered by Robert Boyle when he described the reaction between iron filling and dilute acids which then resulted in the production of Hydrogen gas.

 In 1766 Hydrogen gas was recognized by Henry Cavendish as a discrete substance.



Hydrogen on semiconductor surfaces has been an area of considerable activity over the last two decades

Hydrogen, when combined with liquid oxygen, makes an excellent rocket fuel.

In the body, Hydrogen is combined with Oxygen to form water, H20.

Every organic molecule in the body has both Hydrogen with Carbon.

Further, Hydrogen is critical in energy production in the body.

The Hydrogen ions in the body are transported to one’s Mitochondria.

The mitochondria which are “the power house of the cell” use the Hydrogen to create ATP which is crucial to one’s critical and complicated Krebs cycle.

The Krebs cycle, is often defined as a series of chemical reactions used by all aerobic organisms to generate energy through the oxidation of acetate, derived from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into carbon dioxide.



One of the unique properties of Hydrogen is that due to its extremely small size, it enters not only the cells of one’s body but also the cell’s mitochondria and the nucleus of the cells which store one’s DNA.

Hydrogen protects one from free radical damage.

It should be noted that due to the small size of Hydrogen and its ability to penetrate almost anything, it has the affinity to leave one’s body.

So, here is where Carbon 60 helps when one is supplementing with Hydrogen.

Carbon 60 captures the Hydrogen in one’s body, including the Hydrogen importantly added by Hydrogenation, and helps retard it from escaping,  as it delivers the Hydrogen to all parts of one’s body. 

Carbon 60 has been shown in laboratory experiments to have the ability to extend life by a factor of 3x, and goes to the Biblical reports of lives extending to at least 500 years, before the big flood, when Carbon 60 was quite plentiful naturally.

For additional detailed information, please visit Carbon 60 the Fountain of Youth post at this Keto-Longevity.com site.

Carbon 60 suspended in Olive Oil is a proven life extending product and Hydrogen capturing supplement that one should buy and take, since it can enhance one’s extremely beneficial Hydrogen supplementation.



Hydrogen Medicine is a revolution sweeping across the world of medicine.

The administration of Hydrogen with oxygen delivers healing power unknown until now.

Hydrogen has antioxidant properties and the capability to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

Many studies have confirmed that consumption of Hydrogen gas and water helps patients with a diverse range of disorders

At present it is no wonder that Hydrogen medicine has been exploding in the world of medicine.

Combined with oxygen, Hydrogen has been found to deliver previously unknown healing powers.

This is due to Hydrogen reducing inflammation and oxidative stress.

And study after study has show the outstanding benefits of Hydrogen.

Since the Japanese discovery of health benefits of Hydrogen, the effects of Hydrogen have been researched in over 60 diseases!

Hydrogen was therapeutically used for the first time in humans in the early 1990s.

Many studies, however, are still in the early stages.

It will take more clinical research to uncover all the effects of molecular Hydrogen in humans.

  Some of the outstanding benefits of Hydrogen supplementation are in the following areas::

  •     – Anti Aging
  •     – Inflammation
  •     – Antioxidant
  •     – Brain protection
  •     – Heart protection
  •     – Allergies
  •     – Kidneys
  •     – Liver
  •     – Gut Health
  •     – Lungs
  •     – Metabolic Syndrome
  •     –  Weight Loss
  •      – Energy
  •     – Diabetes
  •     – Acidosis
  •     – Cancer
  •     – Side Effects of Chemo and Radiation
  •     – Skin Health
  •     – Bacteria
  •     – Oral Health
  •     – Organ Transplant
  •     – Wound Healing
  •     – Bladder Health
  •     – Heart Protection
  •     – Hearing
  •     – Pain
  •     – Blood Sugar
  •     – Cholesterol
  •     – Wide Variety of Diseases
  •      – Blood pH, which Hydrogen moves to an Alkaline Anti Cancer Condition.



Supplementation of Hydrogen can be obtained by either drinking Hydrogenate Water or Inhalation.


Hydrogenation of drinking water is the most practical way that one can proceed to obtain supplemental Hydrogen for health and longevity.

 And, Hydrogenated water benefits for one’s healthy longevity can be obtained quite reasonably.

The two practical methods to obtain Hydrogenated water benefits for healthy longevity are:

   – HYDROGEN GENERATOR For Hydrogenated Water Production.

The very reasonably priced and outstanding product of choice that will continually produce the very healthy Hydrogen supplementation, that one needs, and should GET and use is the
KINGDOM CARES Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle Cup Recharge Hydrogen Rich Water Ionizer Maker Generator Large Capacity Battery Colorful Light Healthy Water Purifier Filter, by Kingdom

This Hydrogen Generator, while still available at an amazing price, is in either of the:

KINGDOM CARES Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle Cup Recharge Hydrogen Rich Water Ionizer Maker Generator, Color, Color BLUE and ADD TO CARTor

KINGDOM CARES Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle Cup Recharge Hydrogen Rich Water Ionizer Maker Generator, Color, Color WHITE and ADD TO CART.

The Amazing Hydrogen Water Generator

The execellent quality and performance is the same in both colors, but the BLUE has a little more desirable colorful display when generating Hydrogen. 

     Major Benefits Provided:

      High-end Hydrogen water ionizer: It comes with world-class extreme filtration, removes impurities, reduces the water molecular size which allows it to be more easily absorbed by your body and also contains minerals. A few minutes can produce a cup of Hydrogen rich water which can be directly drunk. Portable Hydrogen rich water ionizer provides more healthy water for you. This Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle is made of food-grade PC material, high quality and safe to use.

      Natural Water Filtration System: Kingdom Beauty Hydrogen Rich Water Ionizer is built in a natural water filtration system that would remove all the impurity from water including heavy metals, fluoride & bacteria. The high-quality water bottle contains biominerals which react positively with water to create Hydrogen-rich. Helps filter out chlorine and other contaminants such as lead and copper, so the water you drink will be more refreshing and clear.

      Unique lock design: Easily close the lid to seal the bottle with catch lock so that liquid never outflow. Small size is convenient to take it anywhere. Just put it into your knapsack or luggage box. Stay healthy and beautiful every moment. Hydrogen rich water is easy to absorb and can help to boost your metabolism and reduce constipation to some extent. The Colorful light in the Blue model is preferred and makes the working process much more pleasant and it will go out when the electrolytic process finished. However, the Hydrogen production, operation, and quality in either the “Blue” or “White” models are exactly the same.

      Safe Food-Grade PC Material: Without using any harmful chemical substances, please feel relieved about usage. PC material is non-toxic and durable. Easy to clean, effective to reduce bacterial growth. Good for your health Hydrogen-rich water is a safe and natural energy drink that has an anti-aging effect. The portable bottle can be detachable to three parts, lid, bottle, and base. No hassle for daily cleansing and maintenance. Easy to clean and effective to reduce bacteria.

      Large-capacity battery: The built-in lithium battery is rechargeable. Fully charged battery can support power for 12 bottles of Hydrogen rich water. Colorful lights indicate the working process and it will go out when the electrolytic process is finished. Charging is complete in no more than 3 hours. When the charge is full, it can work for around 15 times. The detachable design makes no hassling for daily cleansing and maintenance. It is a perfect gift for family, friend and loved ones.

    – HYDROGEN TABLETS, for Hydrogenated Water Production

Hydrogenation of water can also be produced by placing Hydrogenation tablets in water.

However, note that using Hydrogen producing tablets will be a continuing expense since one will continually have to buy additional tablets to use.

Therefore, this method is not being recommended herein because its expense will surpass that of a Hydrogen Generator.


In 2007 a team in Japan discovered that inhaled Hydrogen gas could act as an antioxidant and protect the brain from free radicals. 

This sparked the interest in its potential health benefits worldwide and led to some breakthrough research.

Hydrogen inhalation devices are available in the United States and are already in wide use in Japan and China.

These devices all will work well because they all put out Hydrogen gases.

And, prices range from $2,000 to $30,000.

Such pricing Is practical for institutions such as hospitals and Hydrogen bars, but not practical for most individuals.



With one being aware of the Hydrogenated water benefits, including the Hydrogenated water health benefits, one is armed with the knowledge as to the importance of Hydrogen as well as Hydrogenation.

Further, one has the knowledge as to how to proceed to provide one with an endless ecconmical supply of Hydrogen in Hydrogenated water for one’s health and longevity.


This is not Medical Advice. Nothing herein this article should be considered or used as any personal medical advice, and one should always consult with one’s personal Doctor before making any changes in one’s diet, routine or following any information given, suggested or provided herein. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Nothing herein is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.


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