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If you have been struggling to discover a product that can stop and reverse your aging process it is important to understand that PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) has been shown to play a key part in your aging because it offers to you huge anti-aging benefits for how to stop aging now.

For you to learn why PQQ is so important you should first understand what is PQQ and what does it do whether you are now enjoying The Ketogenic Diet for Healthy Longevity or otherwise

  • PQQ is the ultimate cellular rejuvenator and it is essential for your whole-body support.



Per Wikipedia PQQ was discovered by J.G. Hauge as the third redox cofactor after nicotinamide and flavin in bacteria (although he hypothesized that it was naphthoquinone).

Anthony and Zatman also found the unknown redox cofactor in alcohol dehydrogenase.

In 1979, Salisbury and colleagues as well as Duine and colleagues extracted this prosthetic group from methanol dehydrogenase of methylotrophs and identified its molecular structure.

Adachi and colleagues discovered that PQQ was also found in Acetobacter.

It PQQ is now recognized as a non-vitamin growth factor.



The outstanding benefits of PQQ are now becoming well recognized and are still emerging.

The Main Benefits Of PQQ Are But Not Limited To The Following:



PQQ For The Energy Powerhouse Of Your Cells, The Mitochondria

Your Mitochondria are the powerhouse and source of energy for every cell in your body.

  • PQQ promotes increased Mitochondrial function.

PQQ in an optimal dose of 20mg has been shown to stimulate the creation of new Mitochondria in your cells which is known as biogenesis.

Lack of Mitochondrial function leads to symptoms of muscle weakness, as well as neurological, infections, and GI issues.

The enormous amount of energy the Mitochondria produce results in a constant flow of harmful free radical activity which results in Mitochondrial decay.

Mitochondrial decay is a key factor in your aging and PQQ provides a significant Mitochondrial Defense for your Mitochondria against such decay which preserves your Mitochondrial function.

An interesting YouTube watch regarding PQQ is PQQ – Mitochondrial PQQ Benefits to Produce Real Energy

Mitochondria’s primary functions are:

  • The powerhouse of the cell
  • Factories that make chemicals
  • Waste disposal
  • Recycling centers, recycling some of those waste products to save energy.
  • Assassins. They have a special role in making bad cells die which is called “Apoptosis”, which is key in cancer tumor growth prevention.
  • Produce chemicals that your body needs for other purposes such as:
  • Breaking down waste products so they’re less harmful

Further, to produce all of its energy, Mitochondria must have oxygen to produce the chemical energy by a process called “Oxidative Phosphorylation”.

So, without oxygen in your organs, and especially the heart and brain, no energy is produced to keep your cells alive.



PQQ has been shown for its powerful antioxidant properties in multiple studies.

Its antioxidant properties are very important since oxidation plays a key role in causing poor health and disease.

PQQ is 30 to 5,000 times more efficient in sustaining redox cycling “Mitochondrial Energy Production” than other common antioxidant compounds like Vitamin C.



PQQ is known for its ability to neutralize the harmful effects of inflammation.

The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry reported that PQQ supplementation resulted in a significant decrease in many of the inflammation markers in just a period of three days of supplementation.

Note that acute inflammation is short lived and is the response of your immune system to foreign invaders.

However chronic inflammation is inflammation that continues and is detrimental to your health.

Further chronic inflammation is at the root of disease and can contribute to diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.



PQQ For Your Cognitive Function

PQQ was shown in a 2016 study to increase blood flow to your brain.

Good blood flow is important in preventing cognitive decline and dementia as well as Parkinson’s disease.

Studies have shown that PQQ can prevent a reduction in cognitive function as you age with regards to functions such as memory

The Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition showed that PQQ was beneficial for memory and reduction in oxidative damage.

  • Additionally, PQQ promotes neurogenesis, repair and protection of your entire nervous system!

Neurogenesis is the process by which new neurons are formed in the brain.



In regard to PQQ stopping your aging, recent research has indicated that PQQ can act as an anti-aging substance.

It promotes healthy longevity.

Its anti-aging benefits are partly derived in part from its beneficial effects on your mitochondria.



PQQ For Your Critical Heart Health

PQQ has been shown to increase heart health and reduce the chance of heart attacks.

It not only increases the arterial health of the heart but also the extra energy provided by the hearts improved Mitochondrial health and function.



PQQ has been shown to decrease the chance of strokes.

This is presumed to be as a result of improved blood flow to the brain as well as improved arterial health.



Cholesterol is essential to your health.

Your body is smart and makes most of your cholesterol in an amount that is needed for your health.

If your body is under stress it will make more cholesterol to combat the stress and act to help your body repair.

As a marker for health, your cholesterol has been shown in studies to go down as a result of the action of PQQ for your health, because your body needs less cholesterol.


Nothing Like Sleeping Like A Baby


Quality sleep is critical in regards to counteracting your aging.

PQQ has been shown to both increase your sleep quality and duration.

It even will reduce the amount of time it takes for you to fall asleep as demonstrated in a study published in Functional Foods in Health & Disease.



Since PQQ has been shown to decrease free radicals as well as oxidative stress, you will experience that it has a powerful effect on disease prevention.

  • Its disease prevention attributes will provide you with both increased longevity by decreasing the aging effect of multiple diseases.



Due to the improved energy provided to you by PQQ, you will be empowered to be able to lose weight.

This will come from the extra energy that PQQ provides to you, as studies indicate the increase in metabolism that PQQ provides.


PQQ Creates Energy


One of the most notable benefits that PQQ offers is the extra energy it provides as a result of its Mitochondrial actions and health benefits to your body.

Further, the increase in sleep quality that PQQ provides also helps you have more energy as a result of a good night’s sleep



When taken with CoQ10, 20 mg per day of PQQ has been shown to promote memory, attention, and cognition in maturing individuals.

In addition to the anti-aging benefits that PQQ offers by itself, it has been discovered if it is combined with CoQ10 that it potentiates the benefits of both the PQQ and the CoQ10 for even greater health benefits.

The recommended dosages of the combination of the PQQ combined with CoQ10 is:

  • PQQ in an amount of 20mg per day, and
  • CoQ10 in an amount of 300mg per day.

Both CoQ10 and PQQ are similar in their powerful antioxidant effects.

And when PQQ and CoQ10 are combined a great synergistic effect occurs.

The synergistic effect is provided by PQQ with CoQ10 working together.

This combination not only protects the Mitochondria from destruction but also protects you from degenerative disease by boosting Mitochondrial health and its bioenergetic, energy-producing, capacity.

  • And, this combination enhances the efficiency of and creates more Mitochondria by stimulating the growth of fresh Mitochondria!

PQQ’s critical role across a range of biological functions has only gradually emerged.

Like CoQ10, it is a micronutrient whose antioxidant capacity provides extraordinary defense against Mitochondrial decay.

Some of the benefits of Mitochondria Enhancement provided by PQQ’s and CoQ10’a synergistic effect and biogenesis are:

-Heart health
-Parkinson’s disease
-Statin-induced myopathy
-Increased physical performance
-Increased energy
-Relieves inflammation
-Helps damaged muscles
-Enhances brain function
-Reduces oxidative stress
-Extends life span
-Decreases cholesterol
-Improves sleep quality
-Disease prevention
-Cancer prevention
-Weight loss
-Increased brain power
-Alzheimer’s disease
-Stimulates production and release of nerve growth factor in cells that support neurons in the brain
-Type 2 Diabetes


The Anti-Aging PQQ Supplement

When obtaining a PQQ supplement it is important for you to get the best PQQ of the highest quality.

The PQQ that you should get is the highest quality COENZYME PQQ 20mg capsules which is the latest advance in what is called Mitochondrial Bioenergetics provided by the coenzyme Pyrroloquinoline Quinone or PQQ, to which it is referred.

In Europe: PQQ Caps

Your recommended dose is one 20mg capsule per day.




If you desire to take advantage of the synergism that CoQ10 offers then you should get the LifeExtension CoQ10 100mg softgels to take with your PQQ.

In Europe: Coenzyme Q10

The recommended dose is 300 mg of CoQ10 per day with one 20mg PQQ capsule.


THE KEY ANTI-AGING PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone)

As shown, in order to stop and reverse your aging process it is important to understand that PQQ plays a key part in your aging because it offers to you many anti-aging benefits regarding how to stop aging now.

Because your body can not manufacture PQQ, you must understand what are the health benefits PQQ offers for those enjoying The Best Ketogenic Diet for Beginners Lifestyle or otherwise.



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