The Best Benefits Of Colloidal Silver Generator Production?


Advantage Of Being One’s Own Pharmacy.

As the benefits of Colloidal Silver grow in demand because it is considered superior to the present antibiotics on the market, one should consider having control of supply by always having an adequate amount of Nano Colloidal Silver on hand by buying a Colloidal Silver generator. This not only provides the assurance of one having it when needed, but also the many options for application and for availability at either home or travel.
Further, with Colloidal Silver gaining market share over the pharmaceutical antibiotics there is a growing concern that maybe the FDA and/or WHO might ban the sale of Colloidal Silver, Thus, by having complete production control, one will not have to be concerned regarding an adequate supply for one’s family, friends and pets.
Though the following production steps might seem complicated at first, please note that after just a few production runs one will be able to easily and automatically make endless amounts of silver with 100% success for free, thus saving $70 on the very first run which is 32oz.
Plus, customer service is always available for guaranteed top quality results as is the founder of this blog site. 
And further, one can contact the founder of this site who has made over 50 Colloidal Silver runs over 6 years, saving over $3,500, while enjoying the outstanding health benefits of Colloidal Silver.
Contact can be made via the e-mail contact information below.


Huge Importance Of Nano Colloidal Silver

Please go to Colloidal Silver, The Future Antibiotic For Healthy Longevitywhich by clicking on, one can review why Colloidal Silver is emerging as such a widespread health product. It is now being purchased by over ten million US users. Also, one can review its key usefulness in the Ketogenic Recipes, Foods And Supplements For Beginners for Health and Longevity, which can be viewed by clicking on.

ADD TO CART And Save $70 On Very First Run Which is 32oz


State Of The Art Equipment

The Nano Colloidal Silver Generator and Lung Delivery System offers the total package.

This offers the most complete items available with everything one will ever need to make state of the art Nano Colloidal Silver and/or also its other variations.

This is a complete all-encompassing Colloidal Silver generator kit for producing endless silver solutions.

This deluxe kit comes equipped with all accessories and glassware needed for delivering your solutions anywhere in or on the body.

Having this product will provide the ability to use the silver via all means desired including oral, topical and lung delivery ability.


Initial Preparation Prior To Production

-Place the SilverLungs Colloidal Silver Generator on a stable platform in a room that is free of drafts such that the silver will not be contaminated with such particles as dust.
-Plug it in and preferably, as with all electronics, use a surge protector.
-Obtain one gallon of distilled drinking water. This is readily available at most grocery stores or one can make it at home if one has a home distiller.
If one does not have a home distiller and would like one for silver production and also for having an endless daily supply of pure safe drinking water, the product of choice is a Pure Countertop Water Distiller 4L Countertop Water Distiller 750W Stainless Steel Water Distillation Purifier(1.1 gallon) state of the art distiller, which by clicking on can be viewed and/or purchased from Amazon for only $67.88. Note, remove any filters when making distilled water for silver production.
-Then confirm that the water is 0 ppm with the part per million tester provided with the purchased SilverLungs Generator.
-Make sure that both the room and distilled water are at a temperature of 70F or higher but not above 85F.
-Put on a pair of Green Direct Latex Rubber Gloves Powder Free, which can be viewed and/or purchased from Amazon for $10.95. Note this is not required but recommended as salt from one’s skin can contaminate the nano colloidal silver and its production.
-Rinse the supplied flask stopper with distilled water.
-Clean the supplied 36oz flask with distilled water by filling the flask with 2” of distilled water, scrub with the supplied brush, shake and swirl with the stopper on and discharge.
-Fill flask again with 2” but do not brush, shake and swirl with stopper on and then discharge
-Fill flask for the 3rd time with 2” and discharge.
– Fill the 36oz flask with the 0ppm distilled water almost to the top such that when the stopper is on there will be about 1/8 to 1/4 air gap when the stopper with silver rods is inserted.
-Place flask on top of the generator.
-Clean the magnetic stirrer that is supplied with distilled water. Dry with paper towel. Then drop into the flask. Make sure it centers in the middle of the generator.
-Clean the supplied lifetime 0.9999% pure silver rods with the distilled water, cleaning with the supplied copper pad and wipe with clean paper towels
-Place the rods in the provided holes in the stopper with about 1/4” protruding from the top.
-Place the stopper with rods into the flask, making sure a 1/4 to 1/8 air gap is present.
-Place the two electrodes one on each of the two protruding silver rods, being careful not to let them touch each other.
-Silver production is now ready to begin.

Each Simple Colloidal Silver Automatic Generator Run Saves $70.00 !

Production Steps

1. Production of Ionic Silver
-When the generator is plugged in and ready to be activated, it will show a Blue Light with the control button in the rear positioned in the ready center position.
One can either slide the control button to the right for High/Red Light or to the left for Low/Green Light The control button is in the rear and the lights are in the front. The control button determines the level of activity desired. Low produces 10 ppm ionic silver. High produces 20 ppm ionic silver,
-Once the desired end result is decided upon and the control button is positioned, production will begin and the magnetic stirrer at the bottom of the flask will begin to spin making a vortex at the top of the liquid.
-Depending on the temperature, the production process will take about 2.5 to 3.0 hours, and it is a good idea to note the time that production is begun.
-Using the laser as the operation progresses, one will note by using the supplied laser and shining it through the liquid that it is reflecting off of silver ions that are being produced.
-Also, it will be noted that the silver rods are turning from shiny to a grayish color.
-When the self-regulating generator has completed production of ionic silver it will shut off by itself.
-The flask now contains either 10ppm or 20ppm of ionic silver depending on the initial slide position selected.

2. Production of Colloidal Silver
To proceed to produce Colloidal Silver and/or a Colloidal/Ionic Silver mix, with the generator still off, disconnect the electrical clips, keeping them apart.

Be careful to not let the clips touch.

-Then turn the generator back on by sliding the control button to the right and the stirrer will begin to stir the solution.

-Then add the recommended amount of reducing agent drops to get the desired resultant product. Note when not in use the reducing agent should be left in the freezer to extend its life.

-Leave the generator running for about 30minutes while the reducing agent produces the desired end product.

-Note as this step progresses the solution will change color evidencing the desired color of the end product.

-And the laser can be used again to confirm the presence of the desired nano Silver product.



The production is now finished and one has 32oz of the desired end product.

This can be poured into any of the supplied glass containers for specific use and storage. But first the glass container(s) of choice need to be cleaned and rinsed as done with the 36oz flask using the supplied brushes and distilled water for this procedure.

In ordering the glass with your package, clear glass is recommended over tinted for better observation, as the liquid should be observed with no particles visible which would mean it has been contaminated which is rare. Also, the product can be stored in a lighted area but do not expose it to direct sunlight and keep at room temperature.


Manufacturer’s Assurances

For the best Colloidal Silver Generator on the market please watch the YouTube presentation Colloidal Silver Generator by SilverLungs.

Yes I want to get the BEST Colloidal Silver Generator! then one should  ADD TO CART and rely on the fact that The SilverLung’s Company has been in business for 10 years.

For understanding what is the best Colloidal Silver Generator on the market please watch the YouTube presentation Colloidal Silver Generator by SilverLungs.

The SilverLungs (pH) System and accessories are protected against functional and mechanical defects for a period of 3 years.

The required shipping expenses will be covered during the 3 year factory warranty (except for International orders outside of the United States.) All parts and labor for The SilverLungs (pH) System will be replaced at no expense during the 3 year warranty period.

Furthermore, SilverLungs provides contact information for General information, Customer Service, Technical Support, and also access to a Toll Free Number.

Plus, it comes with a detailed instruction book with easy to follow step-by-step instructions provided making production fast and simple!

The SilverLungs Colloidal Silver Generator which is 100% US manufactured, is designed around custom internal circuitry and mechanics to ensure that only the highest quality silver solutions are produced every time.

The unit features very large 7 gauge silver electrodes which greatly increase the “silver to water ratio”.

These large electrodes help to extend their life span far beyond anything else offered on the market.

The SilverLungs colloidal silver generator is the premium product based on years of development and dedicated research into dissolving pure silver ions into highly purified water and is one of the easiest to use silver generating products available today.



  •  Don’t be fooled by cheaper prices that do not have all the very important items as noted following:

    • Generator with parts per million controls
    • Electronic Leads attached to Generation
    • Production Flask 32oz
    • Reducing Agent Necessary For Colloidal Silver
    • Nebulizer with all attachments
    • Water Purity Tester
    • Laser
    • Glassware
    • Cleaning Brushes
    • Silver Rods
    • Copper Cleaning Pad
    • Flask
    • Silver Rods
    • Stopper made to hold rods
    • Cleaning brushes
    • Cleaning Brushes
    • Magnetic Stirring Bar
    • Nasal Spray Bottles
    • Topical Spray Bottles
    • Water Dropper Bottles
    • Instructions



  • Yes, you are fully protected with no-risk!

When one is considering obtaining the Colloidal Silver Generator, one wants to know if one is protected.

  • This is a no-risk purchase as you are 100% protected as follows:

It comes with a full 30 day no questions asked satisfaction money back return guarantee.

And, in addition to the full guarantee, one receives a 3-year warranty against functional and mechanical defects.

Reasons For Always Having Colloidal Silver On Hand

  Some reported applications for Colloidal Silver are:

Acne, allergy, asthma, athlete’s foot & jock itch, bad breath, bladder infection, UTI, blisters, boils, bronchitis, burns, cellulitis, chicken pox, chronic fatigue, syndrome/Epstein-Barr, cleansing, cold & flu, conjunctivitis, pink eye, eye infections, Crohn’s disease, cuts, scratches, abrasions, dandruff, detox, ear infection, eczema, emphysema, fibromyalgia, flocculates, food poisoning, ganglion cysts, geriatrics, gum, tooth and mouth infections, headache, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS/ immune system, intestinal infection, kidney infections, lumps and growths, lungs, lupus, Lyme disease, malaria, moles, morgellons (red thread disease), MRSA, VRSA, & VRE, MS, nail fungus, nausea, pilondial cysts, pneumonia, prostate infection, prostatitis, psoriasis, ringworm, rosacea, scars, scratched cornea, shingles, sinus infection, skin conditions, skin tags, snoring & sleep apnea, sodium levels, sore throat, sores, spider bites, stomach flu, Norovirus, sunburn, swelling, upper respiratory infection, warts, wounds, yeast infection which is noted as a cause of many problems including Leaky Gut and Diverticulosis, and the Ebola virus.


Controlling One’s Health And Longevity

As one can readily see, by not having to rely on the outside for obtaining the outstanding protection from the benefits of Colloidal Silver, one can rest assured that this amazing antibiotic of the future will always be available.
Although the above production steps might seem complicated at first, please note, as stated, that after just a few production runs one will be able to easily and automatically make endless amounts of silver with 100% success for free, thus saving $70 on the very first run which is 32oz.

Plus, customer service is always available for guaranteed top quality results.

Furthermore, one can have the assurance of knowing that this peace of mind will come with huge cost savings, as the demand and necessity increases exponentially to combat the growing and dangerous antibiotic-resistant pathogens,
Even at this time MRSA and VRE, which Colloidal Silver kills, is killing more people than AIDS.

Thus, Colloidal Silver’s uses and shortages will continue to increase as it becomes the go-to safe and effective antibiotic of choice for those enjoying The Ketogenic Diet For Healthy Longevity lifestyle or otherwise. 



  1. They use an over-calibrated water meter (it can’t make more than 14 PPM) so the over-calibrated meter fudges the numbers to 20 PPM.
  2. They went to the same plastics company to rip-off the SilverLungs exact chassis,
  3. They use skinny “wires” for their silver vs. our hefty “rods”.
  4. Their unit works strictly on a timer (does not actively measure the PPM during production) so the PPM is simply what it happens to get up to during it’s two pre-determined time intervals


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DISCLAIMER: This is not Medical Advice. Nothing herein has been approved by the US FDA. Colloidal Silver is not approved by the FDA as an antibiotic at this time. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Nothing herein this article should be considered or used as any personal medical advice, and one should always consult with one’s personal Doctor before making any changes in one’s diet, routine or following any information given, suggested or provided herein. Nothing stated herein has been approved by the FDA.

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