What Are The Amazing Benefits Of Autophagy From Keto?

  WHAT IS AUTOPHAGY? To realize the health benefits of Autophagy from Keto, one needs to understand Autophagy if one is practicing or considering The Ketogenic Diet For Health And Longevity. AUTOPHAGY is a derivation of the two Greek words “auto”, (meaning self), and “phagy” (meaning eating). Autophagy (or autophagocytosis)  is a natural, regulated mechanism of the cell which disassembles unnecessary and dysfunctional

What Is The Best Intermittent Fasting Plan?

  WHY AN INTERMITTENT FASTING PLAN? Intermittent fasting for longevity is a doubling down on The Ketogenic Diet For Health and Longevity, with the best Intermittent fasting plan. By itself, Intermittent Fasting may produce weight loss comparable to long-term calorie restriction and is a valuable addition to The Ketogenic Diet. With one having an Intermittent Fasting Plan in conjunction with the Ketogenic Diet, this greatly