Why Carbon 60 Benefits Is “The Fountain Of Youth”?



The Search for Reversing Aging with the Carbon 60 benefits, versus just Anti Ageing has been the holy grail for healthy longevity.

Recently, Carbon 60 (C60) is emerging as the super supplement to reverse aging and provide increased healthy longevity to a previously unfathomable age.

Thus, Carbon 60 deserves its own supplement post to be incorporated into the Ketogenic Diet Lifestyle Blog as well as the Ketogenic Diet For Beginners as it is potentially the biggest health and longevity discovery ever!



In 1985 the discovery of Carbon 60 was announced in which the atoms form 60 carbon molecules in the shape of a soccer ball. This led to the award of the 1996 Nobel Prize to Harry Kroto of Sussex University, Robert Curl and Richard Smalley (both of Rice University in Houston, USA).

This discovery was accomplished when unexpectedly a large peak was found in a mass spectra instrument with a mass corresponding to C60. C60 contains 60 atoms and follows the geodesic dome structure of architect Richard Buckminister Fuller, which causes Carbon 60 to often be referred to as Buckminsterfullerene, or Buckyballs in addition to the C60 designation.

C60, So Small That 300,000 Molecules Of It, In A Straight Line, Will Fit On A Grain Of Sand



Since the early 1990s, studies have shown that C60 has the potential to make waves in a variety of industries, including biology and medicine. It is now widely used in lubricants to reduce friction due to its tiny soccer ball bearing type structure.



This research procedure produced amazing unexpected and surprising results. As with all industrial products in use, it finally became routine and desirable to determine and quantify the lethal dose of the C60 molecule that was in use.

The researchers under the Leadership of Fathi Moussa in France obtained the C60 molecule from SES Research Houston, Texas and emulsified C60 in olive oil for testing for toxicity on standard lab rats.

They proceeded with what they considered very high toxicity doses of C60 such that their experiment would end quickly with the death of the C60 test rats, and such that they could be paid at the conclusion of testing.

The lab test rats were divided into two groups both of which had standard known life expectancies of two years.

The two groups, which were both middle-aged, were the Control Group and the C60 Group. The C60 Group was administered C60 continually in their food in an amount that was thought to be a large lethal dose of C60 suspended in olive oil.



The control group of rats lived their normal life and died after of two years as they were supposed to do, but surprisingly the C60 group seemed to get younger, their coats improved and all of them lived past their expected life span of two years.

They remained very healthy and continued to thrive. When they reached the amazing age of four years it was decided to end the experiment by giving them toxic radiation doses.

  • However, this huge radiation exposure did not cause any cancers in the C60 rats and they continued to thrive.

Then, to finally kill them, the C60 rats were administered C60 injections comprised of C60 in water in an amount of 10% of their body weight.

This killed them.

But, it should be noted that simply injecting just water into an animal in an amount of 10% of its body weight should kill any animal.



Upon the autopsy of the killed C60 rats it was noted that their tissues and organs looked extremely young and that they had no evidence of cancer even though they had been subjected to extreme toxic doses of radiation.

And, it was further reported that the rat that was not subjected to killing because it was spared the water injection lived to almost six years which is close to triple the normal life span of the subject rats.

Finally, this last surviving rat was killed.

This was done presumably in order to be able to publish this groundbreaking research study sooner. And, it was done in fear that the other researchers may be first regarding reporting these results.

  • Otherwise, this rat at five and one-half years could have possibly lived much longer.



The toxicity study was published in 2012 and titled “The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral administration of (60) fullerene”.

And, it set the medical community on fire. It showed a 92% increase in longevity! Nothing had ever done this before or even came close to showing such. Following is a listing of the key research findings:

-1. Extreme Longevity
C60 could be the most efficient ever material for extending lifespan, and possibly expanding longevity to two to three times what is considered normal. Nothing has ever done that or even come close. Further note that the C60 rats did not start getting the C60 in olive oil advantage until they were at middle age.

-2. C60 is extremely safe with no toxicity whatsoever
Testing results assure that C60 is nontoxic when suspended in an oil such as olive oil.

-3. Improved Health Mechanism
As a superior antioxidant with such a small size, C60 gets in places other molecules cannot get. The C60 molecule is extremely small as it is 1 nanometer in diameter, which is just 1 Billionth of a meter!

-4. Outstanding Toxicity Protection Examinations show that even at very low doses, 500 times lower than that used previously, C60-olive oil solutions effectively protects the organs against toxicity. Further, it protects against radioactivity. It has a beneficial effect on cardiovascular health. And, the C60 lab rats lived nearly two years longer than the olive-oil only control group. This means that at least for rats, C60 in extra virgin olive oil has the highest “negative toxicity” of all substances known to man.

-5. Cancer prevention
As the last rodents were sacrificed, no tumors were found even though they had been subjected to huge doses of cancer-causing radiation. This is notable since cancer is usually what causes the lab strain of mice to die.



C60 is considered to be a super antioxidant which is at least 150 times more powerful than vitamin C. It eliminates harmful free radicals which are produced when an atom loses an electron.

Plus, due to its extremely small size of one nanometer (1 billionth of a meter) it can get into every cell in every part of the body, easily crossing the brain blood barrier and even penetrating into the all-important cell mitochondria which are the powerhouse of the cells.

In addition to eliminating harmful free radicals, it is felt that C60 picks up the very beneficial hydrogen molecules and transports them also throughout the body.

And now on the cutting edge of extreme longevity, it is strongly being suggested that the C60 affects the critical Telomeres in humans by slowing down their shortening and maybe even increasing their length. These critical Telomeres control the number of times a cell can replicate before death.

When the Telomeres are gone the cell dies. Further, the C60 molecule continues to maintain its integrity and is not damaged when it accepts or donates electrons to free radicals. Furthermore, when a cell or mitochondria dies, the C60 can be reused by other cells.

Further, since C60 is so small, as referenced by the fact that 300,000 molecules of it placed in a straight line will fit on a grain of sand, it can go everywhere and anywhere in one’s body.



At present Carbon 60 is not approved by the United States FDA for human consumption. Furthermore, to be effective in test subjects C60 must be suspended in a suitable oil. However, there are reports from human (six-foot rats) consumption.

The dosage would be at a minimum relatively 1 tsp/day to correspond to that given the test rats. This amount provides up to a thousand C60 molecules at the disposal of every mitochondrion in the body.

Positive reports that have emerged regarding the Carbon 60 benefits, from those experimenting with C60 suspended in an appropriate oil are many and include but not limited to:
-Increased energy
-Increased well being
-Vision improvement
-Increased athletic performance
-Decreased soreness after intense exercise
-Decrease in  Fibromyalgia symptoms
-Decrease in seizures
-Decrease in Rheumatoid Arthritis
-Increased overall health
-Increased Immune System
-Telomere enhancement which positively affects both Telomere shortening and also Telomere lengthening.

The Amazing Carbon 60 For Huge Life Extension, ADD TO CART



Yes, I want C60 to double my life expectancy!, then GET the excellent C60 sources suspended in an appropriate oil for experimentation and which are not for human consumption are listed below.

Note that though the French trials were done with C60 in olive oil, some for personal reasons prefer coconut oil or avocado oil to be used with the C60.

At a usage amount of 1tsp/day, 100ml should last about 30 days. And, note though C60 is extremely stable it should not be exposed to light.

  Such great sources of C60 are:

1. C60 in olive oil
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2. C60 in coconut oil 
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3, C60 in avocado oil
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Hydrogen provides many health benefits. Hydrogen due to its extremely small size is difficult to keep from rapidly escaping from the body.

It should be noted that the C60 molecule has a strong affinity for hydrogen, can prevent it from escaping from the body and can transport it to all parts of a body.

  Some of the health benefits of hydrogen, which provides benefits for over 150 diseases, are:
-Improves skin quality.
-Reduces inflammation.-
-Lowers joint pain.
-Reduces muscle fatigue.
-Promotes good microbes in the gut.
-Relieves pain.
-Slows the overall aging process.
-Lowers muscle degeneration.
-Enhances mitochondrial function.

Producing hydrogen to be captured by C60, can now easily be generated by one producing healthy hydrogen water. A very popular hydrogen ionizer that one should GET and ADD TO CART is the KINGDOMBEAUTY Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle Cup Ionizer producing hydrogen-rich drinking water that works with the C60 for additional health and longevity. 



At present, as stated prior, many now believe that the discovery of C60, with the Carbon 60 benefits, could prove to be the biggest Health and Longevity discovery ever!

Further, many believe that C60 was much more naturally plentiful thousands of years ago in the drinking water.

  • This gives much credence to Bible reports of people living to be 400 to 500 years old before the great flood rendered C60 scarce.

So could the discovery and reemergence of this previously ancient Carbon 60 molecule be “The Fountain of Youth”?

Only time will tell for sure, though presently surfacing insights, and research results into the promise of the Carbon 60 molecule as the super life-extending super supplement have already begun to prove that it is truly the “The Fountain of Youth”.



Carbon 60 is not approved for human consumption by the United States Food And Drug Administration. This is not Medical Advice. Nothing herein this article should be considered or used as any personal medical advice, and one should always consult with one’s personal Doctor before making any changes in one’s diet, routine or following any information given, suggested or provided herein. No statements herein are approved by the FDA.



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