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 Welcome to the Keto-Longevity.com site!

If you have been struggling to learn what is the best way to lose belly fat fast and/or to greatly increase your healthy longevity you will find this Keto-Longevity site is your answer.

This is because you will get guidance to the most healthy diet lifestyle on the planet as well as exposure to cutting edge discoveries (including Nobel Prizes) that will greatly increase your health and longevity.

Keto-Longevity will be your site where you will find the latest non-mainstream cutting edge health and longevity technologies revealed and discussed as they relate to the Ketogenic Diet and also your overall well being.

Thereby, you will be empowered with the provided information to decide on your own to enjoy without medical intervention a happier healthier longer life.



During my lifetime I have experience both my and my wife’s parents descend into the depths of old age with much suffering and wondering where “the golden years” were for them.

I graduated from the University Of Virginia with a Pre-Med BA degree and subsequently spent three additional years in graduate studies in the fields of science and medicine, and I am firmly convinced this is not the way life should end. 

I have become obsessed with exploring all the non-conventional health information necessary to provide you longevity with health.

This is because longevity with suffering and poor health is not desirable or necessary.

Such has become my passion to the point that I have come upon and continue to come upon many cutting edge advances including Nobel Prize awards not generally known by or disclosed to the general public.

I am totally convinced that this cutting edge information can educate and empower you such that you can live strong and healthy into a very old age.



Although these cutting edge advances including Nobel Prize information are proven and known in academia, they have not filtered down to the general public.

They have been ignored and even suppressed by the mainstream Medical and Pharmaceutical Complex.

There is no money in disclosing these advances for the vast Medical and Pharmaceutical Complex since when practiced these suppressed advances cut deeply into their pockets.

When such information has been revealed to my close friends and blog followers they become amazed, surprised and often skeptical until such is adopted by them.

Now, I feel that through this site, it is my calling to expand and continue to help the general public to the best of my ability.



The goal of this site is simple, as it is to empower people with available cutting edge knowledge and information such they have the power to make life-changing decisions that will affect their well being and longevity for the rest of their lives.

To this end, I am committed.

Best Regards,
Ted Mallen, Founder of this Keto-Longevity.com site
e-Mail: Keto.Longevity@gmail.com




Ted Mallen, Founder of this Keto-Longevity.com site

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Thank you,
Ted Mallen, Founder of this Keto-Longevity.com site



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2 thoughts on “About This Site And Me”

  1. Can you tell what ppm of colloidal and dosing silver I need for Chagas. We are seeing many of the kissing bugs and I have a few bites. Also what is a good pesticide for my wood piles.

    • Hi Joey,
      I am sorry to lean re your Kissing Bug bites.
      What I would do if I were you:
      I would take Colloidal Silver in an amount of 1.5oz (a Jigger) on arising every day and another before going to sleep.
      I would do this for at least 1 month after your last bite.
      I would only take the SilverLungs product… https://shop.silverlungs.com/?Click=26042.
      My wife and I have been taking 1.5oz per day for 6 years.
      And, when I had a bad lung infection I used the SilverLungs generator with total success.
      At first I bought the SilverLungs solution but that got expensive so I bought their generator on which I have made over 65 batches on 72oz.
      Other sellers of Colloidal Silver are nowhere as good or safe as is SilverLungs.
      I will also send this to you via e-mail so we can stay in touch and I will see what I can find out re a pesticide.

      This is not Medical Advice. Nothing herein this article should be considered or used as any personal medical advice, and one should always consult with one’s personal Doctor before making any changes in one’s diet, routine or following any information given, suggested or provided herein. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Nothing herein is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. No statements herein are approved by the FDA.

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